Sunday, September 1, 2013


Transparent Oracle Sunday!  And the first day of September!

28, Guide: Frog (West). West is the direction of Water, and thus, of feelings and emotions, relationships of all kinds, cleansing and healing, the wisdom associated with natural endings, and the bubbling up of pure joy.  Frog tells of fertility and creativity, and Frog also represents the amazing transformations that occur during a lifetime.  We need to grow and adapt to the situations that present themselves, and Frog is an expert at this!  Frog has a permeable skin, so this card is also associated with healing and empathy and healing, and with partnerships.

32, Weather: Snow (North).  North is the direction of Earth, and thus of the physical or physically formed or manifested world, and of nurturing, health, finances and security, and the wisdom associated with living simply, being well-grounded, and being in touch with our physical body.  Snow has a magickal effect on the landscape and our surroundings; when snow falls, it covers everything and hides details as well as mutes sounds.  The mantle of white is made of countless tiny, unique crystals, and like a blanket, the covering of snow insulates and protects. 

68, Vision (Within).  Within is the direction of the Self, and thus the cards associated with this direction deal with the ways our Self connects to the world and perceives the world, and the Self.  This direction is mostly abstract, and yet is our bridge to the Universe around us.  Vision is one of the most powerful of our senses, but also the most easy to fool, probably because we depend so much on our eyesight in order to perceive and interpret our world.  Vision is generally about a concern for appearances, but it can also be about “seeing within.”  And within Wicca, visualization is considered one of the first steps to actual manifestation!

Wow, transformation, being in touch with my body, and “seeing”; sounds like the theme of the weekend.  I stacked my cards and created my mandala, and I immediately got the sensation of a hidden world being superimposed over the physical world.  Frog is the key, for Frog and the eyes of Vision are one.  The gentle swirls of snow render the details of the physical world difficult to perceive, and thus they become less important.  The physical world is still there, hidden under the blanket of snowy white, but what is more important today is whatever happens inside.  Opportunities for healing and connections and new ways of “seeing” abound!

What a great weekend.  Lots of biking, lots of walking, and the virgin’s bower is blooming all over the place!


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