Saturday, September 24, 2016

August 16, 2016: Separation

August 16, 2016:

My Wild Unknown Tarot card for today is The High Priestess.  The image on this card is a white tiger, sitting serenely with that inscrutable look cats can get, a rainbow hewed crystal ball between her paws and a waning crescent moon in the sky.  Cats are mysterious creatures; anyone who has ever lived with one knows this.  They are predators, and yet they are devoted parents and loving companions.  But they seem to see things or hear things that aren’t there; they seem to know things that we can’t even imagine, never mind sense or perceive the presence of.  Even in repose, eyes half closed, gazing gently off into the distance, we can tell that she knows . . . she just knows.

I don’t throw this card very often, so there is some important message here.  The HP is the number 2 card of the Tarot Majors, the number of balance, polarity, tension, cooperation, and keeping secrets.  This number offers the concept of comparison, and comparison just might be important today.  Part of the process of comparing two items is understanding their differences.  This leads me right into the next stage of the Great Work, Separation. 

Yes, I am glad to move away from the first two stages of the Great Work, but I can’t allow myself to think this stage is a break from the discomforts and difficulties of Calcination and Dissolution.   Some assume the stage of Separation as merely an intellectual exercise. Yes, my job during the Separation process is to explore and fact-check my beliefs and to learn to understand my emotions, but this is by no means just an intellectual or analytical exercise.  The hard part is doing this kind of exploration in an unconditional, non-judgmental way.  Rejecting certain legitimate feelings as bad or wrong, or rationalizing the beliefs that are uncomfortable to explore objectively, will very likely send me right back to Calcination.

Separation offers me the chance to view my experiences with an open mind and without the need to judge them as good or bad.  Intuition rather than fear or ego can guide me if I allow it to, and when there are no judgments to be made, fear cannot take hold.  In the end, I just might learn that I have more of an ability to change myself that I thought I had.  Is this the hidden information guarded by The High Priestess?


Sunday, September 18, 2016

August 15, 2016: Archangel Raphael

August 15, 2016: 

It has been a hot and humid couple of days, but I’ve not allowed temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s and humidity at 80% to stop me.  Yes, I’ve slowed down, and I’ve hydrated myself often, but I still spent two days immersed in my beloved garden.  All is well there, everything is holding up despite the burning sun. 

My Wild Unknown Tarot card is the Three of Wands; another Fire card.  The three Wands on this card create a triangle, point down.  Fertility, anyone?  That triangle is one of the symbols of the womb and the Chalice of the Goddess, and that is what this card brings to us.  The background of the card is pretty null, vertical lines with an off-white background, but the inside of the triangle is filled with beautiful rainbow colors, just like The Star of the Wild Unknown Major Arcana!  Here is creativity in a really supportive environment; here, in this symbol of potential, is a vision of what may be, what could be manifested tomorrow!  Exciting!  And the vision is right on the card, in that triangular portal to the future!

A bit about Archangel Raphael.  Raphael is the Archangel of Healing, full of compassion for people who are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  But Archangel Raphael does not just heal humans; he also heals animals, and our world.  He is associated with compassion, joy and laughter.  People go to Raphael for assistance in overcoming addictions, in finding love, and for safe travels.  The symbol most associated with Raphael is the caduceus, and he is a patron to those in the medical professions, counselors, pharmacists, and patients, as well as to travelers, young people, and those in love. 

Archangel Raphael appears in the Book of Enoch.  Once the Fallen Angels are removed from Earth, Yahweh asks Raphael to restore the Earth.  Raphael was given the assignment to preside over every suffering and affliction of humans, and he was given the power to heal the Earth of the maladies of mankind.  Islam sees Raphael as the angel who will announce judgment day; Raphael is seen as a master of music who is able to sing praises to God in many languages. 


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

August 10, 2016: On to the element of Fire

My Wild Unknown Tarot is the Six of Wands.  Okay, okay.  I see the suit of Wands as representing the element of Fire, so here we go.  The traditional meaning of the Six of Wands is traditionally known as the “Victory Card,” and the LWB with the Wild Unknown Tarot offers victory as one of the keywords for the card.  However, the image on this card is not traditional, and at first glance it is somewhat confusing.  Here we have darkness and a disorganized pile of six Wands; that darkness begins to lighten as we move upward on the card, until we reach a rainbow!  Rainbows usually appear at the end of a dark and tumultuous storm, and they tell us that we have survived the rain and wind and bolts of lightning.  Sounds like a victory to me.  The other keyword offered for this card is “rising up,” and for sure the rainbow at the top of the card appears to be separating the darkness from the clear sky above the rainbow, clear sky that is accessed by rising up out of the darkness and confusion at the lower end of the card. 

This is a perfect card for today.  I have felt stuck, not sure what direction I should be moving to in this Great Work process, or if I should be moving on at all.  I have asked Haftorang where he thinks I should go next, and despite the fact that I felt East/Air should be next (Fire to me is spiritual in nature, and it needs Earth, Water and Air in order to be in balance), I am being told that Fire is next.  Haftorang explained that expression needs to come before perception.  Once he explained this to me and I accepted his reasoning as valid, things seemed to begin moving again.

If I am working with Fire, that means I am working with the Watcher named Venant, associated with the Royal Star of Regulus.  Regulus (“little king” or “prince”), Persian name Venant, Vanant or Wanand (also associated with Vega, Altair, Corvus, Sirius and Procyon), reaches dominance at the Summer Solstice, and is found in the constellation Leo; it is associated with the Archangel Raphael, and nobility, ambition, great power, alertness, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents and violence.  Metaphysically, because I associate the element of Fire (heat, Summer, daylight) with the direction of South, I to place Regulus in the Southern quarter.  There is another interpretation for this that would place Regulus in the direction of North, but that interpretation is not a part of my practice, so I will stick with the Regulus/South interpretation.  This star predicts success within your chosen field, even fame, however it also warns of the good possibility that you will be tempted to take revenge.  The warning is to be listened to, for if you give in to the temptation, all that you have strived for will turn to dust.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

August 9, 2016: Son/Knight cards

August 9, 2016:

Now here is a message: The Wild Unknown Son of Pentacles.  Oh, I can feel the steely determination in this one!  The image shows the head of a young stag, bowed with effort, with a waning moon in the dark sky.  This one kind of feels like that moment just before you realize that the end is in sight, when you need every ounce of fortitude you can beg, borrow or steal so that you can see things through to the end.  Here is the challenge that will allow the Son of Pentacles to eventually lead, and to perpetuate the species.  Right now he needs to focus on the task at hand without allowing himself to be distracted, even if he is exhausted.

Two days in a row, I have thrown a Son/Knight card, and maybe a short detour to explore the Knights might be in order.  I see the Court Cards as presenting expressions of the essences of the suit; most of the time the King presents the most masculine or outer manifestation, the Queen presents the most feminine or inner manifestation, the Page presents the youngest and least prejudiced (and sometimes the least pure) manifestation, and our Knight presents the purest manifestation.  The element I assign to this rank depends on the deck, and since I am presently working with The Wild Unknown Tarot, I am assigning the element of Air to the rank of Son.  The beliefs of the Knights are pure, unadulterated by the need to serve and protect or be mature and balanced.  They are fierce, loyal, and very willing and able to fight for a cause.  The knights of old tended to be mercenaries, loyal to their lord and willing to fight in order to manifest the lord’s desires or mandates, even if they personally did not agree with what they were fighting for.  The Son of Pentacles is striving to manifest in the physical world; yesterday’s Son of Cups is focusing inward and striving to understand his feelings, emotions and visions.

Now comes two questions: Is it time to move on?  Where do I go next?


Monday, September 12, 2016

August 5, 2016: Water and Dissolution, Water meridians

August 5, 2016:

Nice!! The Nine of Cups today.  The image on this card is not quite what you would expect.  There is a waning moon in the sky, a mostly blue background, with the beginnings of predawn red at the top of the card.  Nine Cups are lined up along the edges of the card, all upright.  The feeling I get from this card is one of serenity, of having what I need to maintain that serenity, and of anticipation of what I will be able to experience because of that ongoing serenity.  Bliss is one of the keywords for this card, as well as the awareness of our blessings, and the nice thing is that we are just barely at the dawn of the day these energies are available to us.

Family vacation is officially over today, and everyone who is renting a place will be departing.

I’ve been thinking about the element of Water as well as the concept of Dissolution.  Water can change a solid into a liquid!  Drop a sugar cube into water, and the sugar becomes a part of the water; there is an important lesson in that.  Something from the physical world gets immersed in or infused with emotions?  The physical thing (or its representation in the mind) becomes a part of my emotions.  That is important to remember; after all, I have enough emotional baggage already and I think I will be more conscious of this. 

Also, Water can exist as a solid (ice), a liquid (its natural state on our planet), and a gas (steam).  That makes this element pretty cool!

Let’s compare our Water meridians, the kidney meridian and the bladder meridian.  They are both about cold, fear, water, death and renewal, willpower, and contraction.  There are major differences in purpose: the kidney filters and the bladder holds; the kidney regulates and the bladder excretes.  It seems to me that these two are really connected to each other.  After all, filtering toxins does not help unless those toxins can be excreted.  Like all meridians, there is a general direction.  The kidney meridian is the Yin meridian, and it begins in the lower body and moves upward; the bladder meridian is Yang, and it begins in the upper body and moves downward.  This makes sense, as excretion is an active process that works better with gravity, while filtering and regulation involve some discernment, which is more mental or passive in nature, and thus the focus is upward, toward the brain and the mind. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 4, 2016: Water and the bladder meridian

The family went kayaking today.  Since kayaking is about Water, let’s talk about the other Water meridian, the bladder meridian. 

The bladder meridian begins at the inside of each eye and travels over the head (and through the brain) and the back of the neck; it then splits into two branches and continues downward, with one branch right next the spine (and through the bladder) and the other branch taking a detour to the back of the shoulder before continuing downward outside the inner branch.  The two branches reunite at the back of the knee and continue downward, circle the ankle, and end at the tip of the little toe.  This meridian is about expanding and contracting emotions, death and renewal, holding and resentment, fear and cold.  The bladder gets its energy/fuel from the kidney, and its purpose is to store and eliminate fluid waste.  Imbalances can cause headaches, runny noses or nose bleeds, eye, neck or back pain, and bladder issues, as well as tight muscles along the back of the knees and in the calves. 

This meridian seems very much about emotions and feelings and visions, specifically focused on either holding onto these experiences and on getting rid of those it determines to be non-essential.  I get the feeling it is the holding part that I am to deal with as I work through the Great Work this time.

My Wild Unknown card today is the Four of Swords.  The image on this one is a lamb, all curled up and serene, beneath four Swords hanging point-down above him, with a brightly-glowing third eye chakra.  What a powerful image!  This tender, untried youth is resting below four Swords hanging precariously above him, and yet he does not appear frightened.  He is alert, so he knows those Swords are there even though he does not even spare them a glance, but he is not even prepared to run should they come loose.  Perhaps his stillness is part of his protection.  It is as if he is keeping those Swords up there with his serenity, his stillness, his awareness of what is going on around him, and his belief, his mental force . . . his Will!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

August 3, 2016: Dissolution

More about Dissolution.  The alchemical process involves dissolving the ashes created by Calcination into water.  This water takes on magickal properties, it becomes an elixir.  The word “elixir” is from the Arabic “ Al-iksi,” which literally means “from the ashes.”  Symbols of Distillation are lakes, floods, underground streams, quicksand, reflecting pools, tears, melting, menstruation, fish swimming on the surface of water, as well as glass vessels, clay pots, cauldrons, and other womb-like vessels. 

It is interesting to me that yesterday when we went swimming, the ocean was filled with seaweed.  We never see this kind of sea weed in Cape May, and never any seaweed in this amount.  Walking through the water, the seaweed clung for a moment and then was washed away by the wave, as if the seaweed was the ashes of Calcination that clung for a moment and then were dissolved into the water.

These first two stages are also known as the Black Phase, or Negredo.  This Phase creates the death of old habits, attitudes, relationships and attachments, those things that we no longer need.  Often, these things reside in our Shadow, the place were those parts of our personality that don’t fit with our conscious presentation all reside.  These consciously rejected traits group together within the realm of Shadow and become a “splinter personality” that is seen as a dragon.  To defeat that dragon and prevent it from taking control of my life, I need to bring it out into the light, I need to examine it and tame it. 

This is a dangerous process.  In chemical alchemy, this Phase creates noxious and even lethal fumes, and explosions caused by overheated containers.  So, too, is there danger in the process of defeating that dragon!

My Wild Unknown Tarot card for today is the Mother of Wands.  Here we have another snake coiled around a Wand, only this time the Wand is laying horizontally within her coils.  She is the Wand, rather than supporting the emanation of the Wand.  And just to prove the presence of strength, fertility and optimism within her, our snake is also coiled around eggs!  She is awareness and protection, she has already proved to the male of her species that she is worthy of reproducing, she is strong and confident that her strength will be sufficient to stay the course and guard her offspring.  She is the mother of creativity and new ideas, and she is guarding them carefully!

This card is reminding me that while I can’t predict the outcome of each of the steps of the Great Work this time, I’ve done this before, with good results.  I need to continue learning, continue processing what I’m learning, and I need to continue being aware of messages that are presenting themselves. 

I am finding that Satevis is way more mellow than Haftorang.  She is always around, drifting through my consciousness, but she just “is.”  I have found that when I become aware of her, there is some important information waiting for me.