Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Star reversed/Ace of Pentacles reversed. In an upright position, The Star (Air, challenges, hot/separates and dry/shapes; Aquarius, “I know,” the group; and Tsadi, fish hook, experience or thought) represents the new hope brought by the morning after chaos; that hope sometimes only begins as a small spark in the subconscious, but that spark ends up being the foundation of a new conflagration. It tells me that I need to believe in myself, put faith in myself, and because it is reversed, I am missing that today. The Ace of Pentacles corresponds with the element of Earth and with everything in the physical planes of existence. Because the card is reversed, I may not be able to easily tap into all the potential that is to be found in my physical world today.

My Thoth card for today is the Ace of Cups reversed. The Holy Grail, and the healing power of love, are found in the Ace of Cups, but the card is reversed. That healing is there, but I may have trouble remembering to tap into it.

My Legacy card is the Four of Cups reversed. Oy; what’s with the reversed cards? Okay, but this one is not too bad in a reversed position, because upright it tells of the concept of an easy time making me weak. If things go well all the time, and every day is filled with pleasure only, our focus and will become weak from lack of use. Since this Four is another reversed Water card, along with the Ace above, the reverse may be true for me today and I may need to tap into Water just a bit. Not enough to sedate me with pleasure, but just enough to remind me that there is a carrot at the end of the stick.

I drew a clarification card, and threw the Seven of Cups. Aha! Choices may abound today, and I will need to keep a clear head in order to **not** be blinded by the bling. Perhaps that is why both of my Cups cards are reversed! It also looks like most of the energies of the day are ebbing, and I need to be aware of the flows or else I will be sucked down the drain.

My 6-digit date number is 5, the number of movement that dispels stagnation.

My horoscope: “Remember that you were put here to have fun, Sagittarius, and that happiness is your true destiny. Keep that in mind today, as forces may tend to pull you away from the fun you've been having. There is likely to be a sobering tone to the day that's stubbornly working to rain on your parade. Recognize the need for structure and stability, but don't let it bring you down.”

And: “Today you might find that you have a talent for gardening. Perhaps some flowers you planted on a whim turn out to be gorgeous and healthy, or maybe you're even making a success of a vegetable garden. At some point, you could either host or attend a social event, possibly business-related. You're in a great mood, optimistic about the future and full of fun, so others will enjoy being with you.”

I gave blood last night, and on the way to the Center, I gave myself Reiki and filled my energy body with as much intent to heal as I possibly could. It is rewarding for me to offer such a gift, and I usually spend a few moments watching the blood flow into the bag, meditating on the potent symbolism of blood. Blood is truly the “water of life,” and it contains our DNA, the unique instruction booklet that describes the process of creating my physical world vehicle, customized for my own use; I see that DNA as an “image” of Deity. I don’t see the DNA as being Deity, but it is an image of the manifestation of the sacred feminine, just as this life, with its unique synthesis of a physical vehicle, perfectly created to maintain its own good health, and a life force, complete with instincts and Will, represents the result of the combination of the sacred feminine with the catalyst that is the sacred masculine. Without that combination, life would not exist. Without my blood, I would not exist. I freely offer my blood with the hope that it will assist others to be healthy in every way.

I have been actually working on my Third Degree Lesson 1! Now mind you, I am actually on Lesson 3, but since the new and truly awesome First Degree Lessons have gone live, I really feel the need to actually do the homeworks for Lessons 1 and 2. I want to formalize and document completely my experiences with those first two lessons, and to me, doing the homeworks is the best way to accomplish that. I am also really enjoying the revisiting of the exercises in The 12 Wild Swans. The lessons and experiences I had while working with that book ended up to be a foundation that I built upon over the years.

I am putting together a Reiki Course. This will be presented at Off the Beaten Path, but any Reiki Master certificates given out will be under the name of Sukha. I want to change the setup of the usual way that Reiki classes are presented, and I think this new approach might be beneficial. We shall see **wink**.

Mystery has put together a truly lovely Full Moon Esbat for this month. We will use it for our Lumina Mystica Tradition, and it is our first Esbat. She really does good work, and I usually don’t have to do much tweaking at all. We are aiming to keep our Sabbats pretty much the same from year to year (with maybe a different magickal working, but the actual ritual staying the same), and we are hoping to have Esbats specific to the correspondence of the moon phase and month. I believe that some predictability is necessary, because of the power of words, even though I am certain that things will be tweaked for at least the first few years. The nicest thing is that most of what we are creating as far as rituals and workings are original.


Monday, May 24, 2010

The Chariot reversed/Nine of Wands reversed. Two reversed cards today; The Chariot (Water, cold/binds and wet/adapts; Cancer, “I fee,” home oriented, nurturing, moody; and Cheth, fence) is about controlling your emotions but not to the extent that you repress them. Nine of Wands shows a dynamic defense, and a will to go on despite obstacles. Both cards are reversed, so these inner strengths will be blocked today, and difficult to tap into (but not impossible; after all, the cards are there).

My Thoth card is the Queen of Wands. Calm pride bordering on snobbery is what Crowley sees in this Queen. She is Water of Fire, and while she has a commanding presence, she needs to remember that her personal power should be used to help others and better her world. The Thoth Queen seems to be looking down from a high place; I am reminded that authority needs to be used for the best interests of all, not just my own.

My Legacy card is Strength. This card corresponds with Fire (hot/separates and dry/shapes), Leo “I am,” passionate, independent, selfish), and Teth (sieve or basket, digestion). This card is the next step after The Chariot (which is about being able to control conflicting emotions), and tells of being able to successfully control emotions, and rise above them. This card tells of the presence of self-discipline, and of courage, and reminds me that while I might not want to seek out challenges, I should not avoid them either if they present themselves.

My horoscope: “There is the likelihood that you've been a bit of a loner lately. It's as though you decided to look at things differently from the rest of the world, rejecting the individualistic viewpoint in favor of a more global one. Today, you may achieve a new phase in this process. You may attain some summit of consciousness from which you finally have the ability to forgive!”

And: “A new sense of commitment to service to others, particularly those less fortunate than yourself, could fire your natural idealism today. Health issues or animal rights might be on your mind. This concern might possibly be job-related, but it is more likely that this is an enterprise that you decide to pursue on your own. It also benefits you, as it increases your self-confidence and belief in yourself.”

My 6-digit date number is 3, which tells of the concept of “surface” and “location” and of something new created through potential and manifestation.

I was feeling so tired last week, so I took a mini-vacation this weekend. I spent both days working in the garden. My back may be a bit sore, but everything is in good shape, with edging and cleanup of brick sidewalks and patios, and grass, and bushes all taken care of. Plus, I did not even pull Tarot cards and hardly checked my emails at all; I really felt used up, and really needed to unplug for a bit.

I think I made the right choice because I feel re-energized today.

Sean and I had some deep discussions yesterday afternoon, one of which prompted some thought this morning as I drove up from Cape May. We talked about God, and what exactly we believed that God was and was not. I was not able to put into words what I felt; not in a lucid and coherent manner. And so, I thought about what exactly I believe God or Deity to be.

In thinking about this, I was brought back to my powerful aha! moment at mile marker 113.9, regarding DNA. That was the moment when I realized that DNA might just be the real image of God, not humanity. I still believe this to be true, that DNA is a snapshot if you will of Deity (not actually Deity, just like a snapshot of me would not actually be me). But I realized that I needed to bring this description to the next level.

To me, Deity is manifest within the life force, the Universal All for the lack of a better description. Everything that is alive has some form of Deity within them, whether they are pond scum or Stephen Hawkings, and everyone and every thing alive manifests according to its own instructions. This means that pond scum is no less important than Mr. Hawkings.

That sacred essence that is life seems to be subject at some level to the will of the people and things that are alive; the mores sophisticated the life form, the more detailed and effective the results will be. This means that if you are basically a good and ethical person, any Deity that calls you may be a good and ethical Deity; if you tend to be power hungry or selfish, any Deity that you visualize will tend to be strict and authoritative. Not true 100%, and I am not certain about this part of my theory.

To me, this means that Yahweh is no less valid a Deity than Danu. Each is a construct or thoughtform, created and maintained by the worship and/or hatred of many humans (and yes, hatred is just as powerful as love and worship as far as creating and imposing personality traits onto the thoughtforms that are the individual Goddesses and Gods), created from the neutral yet very potent energy that is the Universal All and the sacred feminine (which is pure potential and fertility).

Our vehicles in the physical realms are our physical bodies, and it makes sense that much of what modern man experiences is of the physical realms, unless we try to broaden our range of experiences to include the non-physical. It is very easy for us to sense most physical world effects because our senses work through our physical vehicles, and it makes sense that our technology tends to be able to only effectively measure physical events and effects. And that could be why so many of us have lost the ability to sense non-physical realm effects; it’s kind of like relying on an elevator to get to your job and thus, having big problems if you need to walk up the stairs one day.

Gods and Goddesses are not of the physical realms, so their “vehicles” are made of energy. When we worship Them, we tend to want to humanize them. It makes them easier to understand and accept if our Gods and Goddesses have a few human traits. Because our expectations have power, we end up creating an energy vehicle for the expected traits; thus, we end up with a specific Deity, which is actually a vehicle (a thought form) that contains the energy or essence of life, and which has amazing powers (at least from our physical vehicle viewpoint), because the effects of our world are all subject to their intentions.

But I believe that the Universal All, the “stuff” of life, exists even in a free form. The energy is neutral, and tends to have limitations imposed upon it depending upon what physical vehicle it is inserted into, but those limitations are not written in stone. That could be why some individual life forms can rise above the norm (or descend below it). The energy that does not get inserted into a physical world vehicle is what we connect to when we sense sacredness; that energy can be a fertile field in which the seeds that are the catalyst of the sacred masculine will be nurtured, and will flourish.

The sacred masculine is the catalyst that creates life by empowering the fertility and potential of the sacred feminine, and it is the manifestation of that life, the following of the instruction book that is DNA in order to create within the physical realms life forms that can be experienced as physical beings. Because the sacred masculine is connected directly to the physical world, many spiritual paths, especially the ones that do not attune to the cycles of Nature, tend to see the sacred masculine as more important.

**sigh** Still not exactly right.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Two of Cups/Temperance reversed. Well we have two cards that tell of harmonious unions, one a Major Arcana card and one a Minor Arcana card. One card is upright and one is reversed. In a sense, there is balance in this. I am being told that my day will contain harmony, but that harmony may be more about how I am feeling, rather than a harmony created by the balance and synergy of opposite effects. Interestingly enough, Temperance can be seen as a more tangible example of The High Priestess; hmmmm . . . Perhaps I am not supposed to be a tangible representation of The High Priestess today.

My Thoth card is The Hermit. “Wander alone; bearing the Light and thy Staff. And be the Light so bright that no man seeth thee. Be not moved by aught without or within: keep Silence in all ways.” This is a card of solitude, but productive solitude, the kind that inspires the gaining of wisdom through understanding experiences. The Path of The Hermit is not a fun one, but there is much wisdom to be gained by enduring his discomforts. Interestingly enough, The Hermit is considered to be The Moon evolved. Nice little comparisons to be found in today’s cards!

My Legacy card is Justice reversed. In an upright position, this card is connected to both The Fool and The Hermit, and in a reversed position Justice (instruction through guidance) supports The Hermit (instruction through example). Justice corresponds with Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts), with Libra (“We are,” partnerships and balance), and with Lamed (the ox goad, which trains and teaches), and because it is reversed, clarity and evenhandedness may be difficult to tap into today. The Path of Justice connects Tiphareth (6th sephiroth that brings illumination through harmony and focus) and Geburah (5th sephiroth which affirms form and structure by applying challenges).

My 6-digit date number is 9, which represents completeness and the sense of having it all, or at least having experienced it all, for this cycle.

My horoscope: “How intense the past few days have been! You could spend months just reflecting on these recent experiences. But the mood isn't conducive to introspection right now. A change of temper today encourages you to share your life more generously. But with whom will you share it? That may well be the question of the day.”

Interesting evening with the Pagan Brain Trust last night. We dealt with a piece of mail originating from an adversarial party with much success, and in doing so, we re-energized our Purpose as a group. We had all felt that things were slipping in a direction that was not within the original intentions of the group, but I feel strongly that our success last night built upon the working that we all did a few weeks ago to help a friend. The Pagan Brain Trust exists as a learning venue and a “woo-woo interaction forum” for five people who are firmly following different spiritual paths. We all support each other, we all protect each other, we all nurture each other, and we all learn from each other; the fact that we have all become like family is a bonus, icing on the brownies, so to speak. **wink** I am hoping that last night’s very positive evening will live in our minds for a long time, reminding us of our Purpose, and reminding us that we are stronger as a group than any of us can hope to be alone.

I thought I posted this yesterday, but didn’t. So, what exactly is an egregore? Wikipedia defines egregore (also "egregor") as an occult concept representing a "thoughtform" or "collective group mind," or "Watcher," an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people who have come together for a common purpose. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme.

The word "egregore" derives from the Greek word, egregoroi (also transliterated "grigori"). Eliphas Lévi identifies "egregors" (sic) with the tradition concerning the fathers of the nephilim, describing them as "terrible beings" that "crush us without pity because they are unaware of our existence." The concept of the egregore as a group thoughtform was developed in works of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians.

Companies, political parties, religions, prayer groups, states, and clubs all can be said to have egregores. When a project "takes on a life of its own," an egregore might be said to be present. Symbolic characters such as Santa Claus and Uncle Sam could be described as egregores. Stephen King's concept of Ka-tet in The Dark Tower series could be compared to an egregore, as well as Kurt Vonnegut's concept of a karass in Cat's Cradle.

There was some debate early in the history of social psychology over whether groups could be construed as having an autonomous group mind. Today, psychologists recognize a number of more localized processes by which a group of people can make decisions that no individual would endorse on their own. In "Groupthink," a group can stifle internal disagreement and rush people to a poor decision, without any individual group member attempting to do so. In the "risky shift" phenomenon, a group can agree on a course of action that is riskier (or, in some circumstances, more conservative) than any individual in the group wanted. Studies found evidence of the compliance of individuals with the intentions of a group despite individual misgivings.

The next word I wanted to define was "meme." A meme (rhyming with "cream") is a postulated unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another (or imitated) through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes (replicators), in that they self-replicate, evolve through natural selection, and respond to selective pressures.

Memes represent concepts for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. Examples of memes include melodies, catch-phrases, beliefs (notably religious beliefs), fads, hysterias, copycat suicides, clothing fashion, and the technology of building arches. Similar to instinctively contagious phenomena such as yawning and laughing (which are considered innate rather than socially learned behaviors).

Life-forms can transmit information both vertically (from parent to child, via replication of genes) and horizontally (through viruses and other means). Memes can replicate vertically or horizontally within a single biological generation. They may also lie dormant for long periods of time. Memes spread by the behaviors that they generate in their hosts. Imitation counts as an important characteristic in the propagation of memes. Imitation (or contagion) often involves the copying of an observed behaviour of another individual, but memes may transmit from one individual to another through a copy recorded in an inanimate source, such as a book or a musical score. Researchers have observed memetic copying in just a few species on Earth, including hominids, dolphins and birds (which learn how to sing by imitating their parents or neighbors).


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Five of Wands/King of Wands. Aha, had this card yesterday! Today, though, it is paired with the King of Wands (the cusp of Cancer, “I feel,” and Leo, “I am”), the expert at bringing ideas to manifestation. Yes, my day may still be filled with all kinds of ideas, each with their own powerful agenda, but I just may be able to make use of the chaotic dance of energy in order to discern a new and effective way of manifesting my needs and desires. I need to remember that sometimes in order to keep the energy flowing smoothly and effectively, I need to allow a bit of venting. If I choose the time of venting, rather than allowing the pressure to build to an unplanned explosion, I can make use of the release of pressure.

My Thoth card is the Four of Cups. “Luxury,” and a warning. How very much Crowley-like! I am told that experiencing pleasure can be good, as long as I remember that this kind of pleasure is inherently weak, and tends to sap any focus or drive that is directed outside of the realm of pleasure. So it is okay to experience pleasure and satisfaction, but that experience needs to be infused with an expiration date!

My Legacy card is the Six of Cups. All of the Sixes are pleasurable cards at least to some extent, even the Six of Swords. But this Six is the best of the lot, for it represents the enjoyment of simple pleasures, pleasures that don’t cost much but are beyond value. While there is certainly more effort to come, for today I can just allow myself to feel good, to feel happy, to feel Balanced, and to accept results, whether good or bad, as beneficial.

My 6-digit date number is 7, which represents that pause which happens as Balance begins to degenerate but decomposition is not yet apparent.

My horoscope: “Be persistent and don't give up the fight today, Sagittarius. It might seem as if you aren't making progress and that it's harder to make decisions about anything. You'll find that other people are just as confused as you. Find a clever way to express what you feel. You can sort the issues out with the help of others as long as you're in touch with your inner state.”

I had a long talk with Lady Raven last night on IM, and she supported and backed me 100% in my thoughts and expectations of myself, of my fellow teachers and facilitators, and those who are under all of our care. I am always grateful that Lady is willing to spend the time, usually during “off hours” when she should be with her family, to discuss situations and ease worries. This is the second time in just a few days that Lady has offered this; Sunday evening we spent a large chunk of time laying the groundwork for the solutions of the issue I am working on within the Reiki Course Forums. Hopefully a solution will manifest that is fair to everyone.

Even though I am immersed in Third Degree training at Sacred Mists, which is in a sense preparing me to perform Lady Raven’s job, I don’t know if I would want to carry the responsibility of caring for the well being of so many. My Goddess, how is she not crushed by the weight? I am just a few days away from my seventh anniversary of joining Sacred Mists; over the years I have watched, both from afar as a First Degree Dedicant, and then gradually closer as a First and then Second Degree Initiate and then as a Student Council Member, as Lady Raven dealt with conflict after conflict. She is a human being, and subject to the dictations of her own needs and desires, and yet I have watched her consistently make the best decision for the Community, no easy task when you take into consideration the needs of at this writing over 1,500 members!!

Sacred Mists, at least thus far in my experience, is a wonderful creation. The College is set up to maintain itself, training is set up so that the students can get what they put into their lessons back again, from the first lesson of the newest First Degree Dedicant all the way through Third Degree Training. What does this mean? It means that every single student is given the power to choose how deep an experience they desire. Do you want only superficial knowledge of Wicca in order to bring its basic core values into your life, but don’t have the time or the drive to go more in depth? That is fine, and while there is a minimum requirement for passing the lessons (and I can attest to that because I am one of the First Degree Homework Graders), students who meet that minimum requirement are passed, even if they choose to not bring depth into their studies.

The same holds true throughout the Degree Training. I can attest to the fact that the opportunities for very in-depth study and for amazingly powerful personal growth are there. But they are only available to those who are willing to take the responsibility for their own education and growth. No one else can do this for me, only I can choose to be open to the opportunities, and if I am not open, whether consciously choosing to not do what is necessary or subconsciously blocking the opportunities, it will not happen. And anyone who says that they find nothing new to learn at Sacred Mists, no matter what their prior experiences, is not doing the work, and is not opening themselves to the potential presented to them.

No dance students again last night, but I was able to sit and talk and plan with Elena a bit. Elena is very excited about my upcoming certification in Thai Massage, and wants to offer my services through the shop. I planted another seed last night, and asked Elena if there was any one offering Reiki training and attunements right now; she said there was not, and seems interested in having me present some classes and attunements. I also agreed to do one final magickal/energy field workshop on banishing, which will give me three workshops to offer, one on spell crafting, one on the personal energy field, and one on banishing. I agreed to keep my dance class prices at the low level they are right now, and I will be most likely doing Tarot readings through Off the Beaten Path as well, once my day job as completed the winding down process.

So I turned a potential blockage into something positive! I hope the Guardian of the Threshold is pleased with my efforts!!

Is this the beginning of the Rubedo, the Red Phase??!! I think it may be.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I firmly believe that we are alive, we have been given this gift of life with all its tears and joys, in order to experience it to the fullest, every part of it. I believe that one of our tasks is to connect with and value every part of the cycles of our world, and I believe that another of our tasks is to connect with and value ourselves, including both the workings of the vehicle that is our physical body and the “drive force” that is our mind and intellect.

I believe that just before each major advance, we come to a threshold. I believe that our Guides, both spiritual and of the physical world, are tasked to assist us in preparing to pass that threshold (just as I am tasked to assist those around me), and I believe that life circumstances will seem to randomly steer me towards the next threshold I am to cross. Unfortunately, this process is even more difficult. Like the experience of the God, Lugh, when I come to a threshold, there will be a Guardian who will determine if I am worthy of and prepared to cross.

I must believe that I am standing before one such Guardian, right now. Even my Patroness, Danu, has told me so. Right before She faded into the distance. Apparently, I am to take at least the first steps on my own, although I can feel Uriel, somewhere, watching me.

Everything in my life had been moving forward with ease; not only have I been able to help others in an effective way, but I have been able to advance my own goals, and everything seemed to be falling into place. Then, ca-chunk; everything halted. I still have no idea when my job will end, and rumor has it that there is a potential for this to drag on for months. Yes, that means that my paychecks will still be there, but the Summer is a window of opportunity for my new business ideas that I don’t want to miss. Last Tuesday began a new cycle of dance classes; my class of 8 is, at least as of last Tuesday, a class of 0. Yes, 0. Zero. No students. Granted, one of my students just had a baby, one just had surgery for an abdominal hernia, and two (who drive together) told me at the end of the last session that money was an issue, but that is half. Okay, losing half of my students is not good, but two of the four will come back. I now have a cold, and a touch of laryngitis, plus, I have had two muscle spasms in my shoulders since I came back from the Dominican Republic. Thankfully, I know what to do to mitigate their effects, and granted a muscle spasm is a great catalyst to remind me to do my morning exercises. I have been watching what I eat, and walking regularly. But that darned scale is not budging a bit. And finally, all hell broke loose on the Sacred Mists Reiki Board, and despite my efforts, things are not looking good. Not irreparably broken by any means, but there is still a lot of work to do in order to help my two Co-Facilitators to stop bashing each other in the head.


And so, I am doing something a little different today; instead of throwing my usual set of cards from my Welsh, Thoth and Legacy Tarots, I am doing a Mind/Body/Spirit reading for myself using the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot (Goddess knows, I need some pearls of wisdom right about now!). I will write out this reading as if I was doing a professional reading for a paying Seeker, speaking to myself as if I am a separate person. Hopefully when I come back to re-read this later in the day, there will be some kind of advice in the reading that will resonate for me.

Mind: Nine of Wands. The suit of Wands represents creativity and passion and transformation, all of which take place or at least begin in the mind, so this card appearing in this position needs to be listened to. The astrological symbolism of this card is the Moon (feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination) in Sagittarius (“I seek,” philosophic, adventurous, scattered). That itself is a message because Sagittarius is your sun sign, and The High Priestess is your significator and she is connected to the Moon. The High Priestess is indeed a gatekeeper, and she carefully guards the secrets and knowledge in her care so that it is only given to those who are ready for the responsibilities and power that come with those secrets and that knowledge. The presence of this card indicates difficulties to come, or that are already here, but it also tells you that even if you are tired and wounded, you have the ability to create a strategic defense through a carefully implemented offense. This card tells you to remind yourself of the poem, “When Things Go Wrong As They Sometimes Will,” and to encourage yourself because this may very well be the last peak to be climbed and the Journey may be more downhill and easier to accomplish very soon. You are reminded of Crowley’s words, “Change is stability and stability needs change,” and you are reminded that we cannot know if we have courage unless we fear, and we cannot know if we have inner strength unless we are tested. In a way, these challenges are a compliment to you for they are not measly little bumps in the road, oh no! They are huge craters, moguls large enough to make the most experienced downhill skier nervous, and misdirections and blind alleys that would cause Magellan to come to a halt. But you will never realize with both your mind and your heart that these challenges will not stop you unless they appear and block your way. And the first step in overcoming them is knowing in your mind, believing, that you can overcome.

The image on the Pearls of Wisdom Nine of Wands is a bit different from the traditional images of this card. Instead of the usual wounded warrior steadfastly guarding his Wands, this card shows a woman running down a path, holding a wand over her head with a smile on her face. The path is lined with other Wands, and the sun is shining in the sky behind her, but the image reminds me of the sensation of running down a steep hill. Yes, that may be a way to get down the hill quickly, but much effort will need to be expended in order to take advantage of the slope without losing control or taking a false step, and crashing. The description of the card is: “Moving away from expected difficulties. Strategic withdrawal. Precarious positioning. Running towards one’s destiny. False jubilation.”

Body: Nine of Pentacles reversed. The suit of Pentacles represents everything in the material world, and since this card has appeared in the Body position (which also focuses on everything in the material world), its message is doubly important. In an upright position, this card tells of completeness of experience within a cycle of both the physical world and the spiritual, and because of that completeness, there is the beginning of an integration of the physical and the spiritual. After all, a lifetime of discipline and hard work brings physical comfort and spiritual fulfillment. However, both physical comfort and spiritual fulfillment must be worked for, and since the card is reversed, my work is not completed. The card is there, so the possibility of achieving the ease and fulfillment of the Nine of Pentacles is present, but you are not yet connecting with that possibility and you must work harder to reach out for the card and flip it so the bottom becomes the top. Because this card is of the physical realms, you will need to make physical efforts to make the energies of this card manifest. And your efforts are not over once that manifestation materializes, for this card tells you that you cannot allow the accumulation of physical ease and bounty to be your only focus, and along with accumulating the wealth, you must also strive to make that wealth work for you. After all, there is quite a bit of pleasure to be had from knowing that your comforts are well-deserved. The astrological correspondence for this card is Venus (beauty, allure, pleasure) in Virgo (“I serve,” practical, sensible, orderly), and those two apparent opposites are working together seamlessly when the Nine of Pentacles is upright.

The image on the Pearls of Wisdom Nine of Pentacles is another joyous one. Unlike the Nine of Wands, the woman on this card is seated and she is surrounded by pentacles. They are raining down upon her, using the rays of the sun as pathways; that sun shines above a rainbow which is glistening between two banks of clouds. The woman is surrounded by banners, from which jewel colored streamers flow in the breeze, and what look like birthday candles; her arms are raised triumphantly over her head and there is a crystal in each palm, with a rainbow, mirroring the one in the sky, between her crystals. If I reverse the card, it appears that a few of her coins are flowing back to their source (the sun), but most of them are staying on the ground; I get the feeling that all is not lost! The description of the card in an upright position is: “A long-term project joyfully completed. Accomplishment. Harvest time. The feeling of well-being and wholeness. Deliverance. A time of new beginnings. A promise of material security and creature comfort.”

Spirit: Five of Wands. Another Wands card, and this one tells of motion, uncomfortable motion, that stirs things up for good or bad. The energies of the Five of Wands tell of conflict, both outer conflict that manifests through a period of “turnsta” when everything you touch seems to turn to dog poop, and inner conflict that manifests through choices whose recommended answers are conflicting as the mind, the heart and the conscience strive for supremacy. Whether outer or inner, the annoyances and conflicts are primitive and seemingly uncontrollable in nature, and there is a pervasive “every man for himself” attitude that adds to the difficulty of getting cooperation, darn it! The suit of Wands is about creativity and the implementation of new ideas, but for now, each idea seems to be selfishly trying to take the lead, with the result of absolutely nothing being accomplished. Saturn (discipline, responsibility, resistance) in Leo (“I am,” passionate, independent, selfish) can be a powerful combination, and getting five of them together and supporting each other is a daunting task.

The image on the Pearls of Wisdom Five of Wands shows five acrobats preparing to do a trick that seems to involve balance and cooperation, yet each of them is looking at his or her wand instead of working together to accomplish the trick. To the onlooker it is pretty obvious that they will fail unless they become aware of each other rather than focusing only on themselves, but they each are oblivious. The description of the card is: “Difficulties in communication. Refusal to acquiesce or compromise. Managing a situation that is difficult. Balance is only temporary if achieved. Trying to attain your goal without consultation or cooperation. Arguments, frustration, struggle."

I pulled a clarification card, and threw The Magician reversed. **sigh** Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. The Magician is the Conduit who is able to make use of the effects of the elements with skill and ability to manifest his goals. Each of the suits of the Minor Arcana are available to him and at his disposal, and this card tells you that you already have the full deck in your hands, but you are not choosing to accept it. You have the powers of alchemy that allow you to understand the laws of the Universe and to access and make use of the flows of energy around you, but these gifts will not work by themselves. You have to choose to accept them, you have to choose to reach out your hand and grasp them, and you have to choose to use their powers and effects to get what you want.

No easy answer here, but then again I really did not expect one. The gifts are out there; if I want ‘em, I need to be ready for ‘em, and I need to reach out and grab ‘em myself, because no one else is going to hand them over to me. The carrot at the end of the stick is that I will succeed, or worst case I will know that I gave over 100% and it was not meant to be.

Time to re-read my thoughts about “threshold” and the Great Work.

My horoscope for today: “You're likely to find people somewhat irritating today, Sagittarius. It's as though nothing is good enough and nobody seems to know exactly what he or she wants. You'll reign supreme within this conflict and dissatisfaction. You may even be asked to step in and restore order. If the conflict is on the domestic front, go ahead. But tread carefully if you're asked to take on the role of sheriff!”

My 6-digit date number is 6. Balance? I hope so!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ace of Swords/The Tower. Ya think?! The potential for intellectual interactions regarding challenges, and the result of not addressing those challenges. There is a reason why The Tower (Fire, hot/separates and dry/shapes; Mars, action, aggression and drive, and Phe, mouth or speech) follows The Devil; focusing on only one element to the exclusion of the others is a recipe for disaster.

My Thoth card is the Two of Swords. “Peace,” but peace created by vigilance. This card can also indicate some deception; whether someone else is deceiving me or I am deceiving myself can only be determined by me.

My Legacy card is The Lovers reversed. Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts), Gemini (“I think,” curious, social, duality), and Zayin (two edged sword) are the correspondences to this card, and in an upright position this card represents personal relationships, intimate correspondences and choice. Because it is reversed, I need to be aware that today my choices are not all about me. I cannot forget the power of love, and I need to choose with the highest good of the group as my main goal.

My 6-digit date number is 13, which reduces to 4, the number of both stability and stagnation. There ain’t no stagnation today, no stability either; except if I think like Uncle Al, and proclaim that change is stability and stability needs change. Okay; that makes me feel a little better.

My horoscope: “Today you're unstoppable! You're a very hard worker by nature, and with the current planetary alignment you'll be able to accomplish even more than usual. You have an abundance of energy, more than enough to handle everything that comes your way. Just be sure to use your usual good judgment. Rash decisions, especially those concerning your personal life, could lead to regret later.”

**sigh** It seems that today is not my day to catch up on First Degree Homeworks, or to work on my Third Degree Lessons. Today is my day to deal with egos, both my own ego and the egos of others. I have done my best to state my feelings with complete honesty and without causing hurt, and I hope that I was able to do so. Time alone will tell.

Part of the difficulty is the usual ingredient: the imposition of the reader’s expectations and emotions into the written post of someone else. This is sooooo easy to do, and it applies not only to the written word, but to physical world situations that we experience “after the fact.” It is so easy to infuse our own feelings and expectations into a situation, and this happens both in a good way and a bad way. I guess the lesson here is that if anyone feels as if an event or a situation is focused entirely about them (especially an event or situation that is initiated by another) in a bad way, everything needs to stop so that an assessment, an objective assessment, can be made.

**another sigh** I am starting to cook my feast for tonight. Hopefully the drama will be over, and I can accomplish some Lesson work.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Four of Swords reversed/The Magician. In an upright position, the Four of Swords tells of a time of truce or rest after dealing with the stress of the Three of Swords. Because the card is reversed, and combined with The Magician (Air, hot/separates and wet/adapts; Mercury, reason, orderliness, skill; and Beth, house or builder), I am being told that today is a day of action, of choosing to act rather than choosing to pause, and that the actions I will tend to connect with best will deal with tangible knowledge.

My Thoth card is The Devil. Another Major Arcana card!! This one tells of hard work tinged with a bit of obstinacy, obsession or discontent. I need to be careful that they don’t distract me.

My Legacy Card is the Queen of Coins reversed. Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts) of Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes), two elements that are passively friendly to each other and support stability. In an upright position, this Queen is the nurturer who strives to make her surroundings comfortable to all. Because she is reversed, I am being told that today it is not my job to focus on making everyone comfortable. This card corresponds with the cusp between Sagittarius (“I seek,” philosophic, adventurous, scattered) and Capricorn (“I build,” ambitious, cunning, competent); while these traits are present, they may not be my main focus today.

My 6-digit date number is 3, the number of manifestation and new creations.

My horoscope: “A chance to earn a small amount of money, perhaps by doing a little extra work at home, could come your way today, Sagittarius. You could hear about it through a friend or colleague. A visitor might come to your home, perhaps to help with something that needs to be done. This promises to be a very exciting day, with a lot of stimulation that could keep you occupied into the night.”

Bob’s niece, Lauren, had her bridal shower this afternoon. The weather was beautiful, and we were able to be outside the entire afternoon. Actually, I spent a good amount of time outside today. I woke up, did my dance stretches and my Yoga, and then walked. Then, as I made a fruit salad to bring to the shower, I opened the windows and the back door to let in the air. Lovely day!

I had an interesting meditation last night during my walk. Archangel Uriel has been showing up again, and last night He stood there, holding the golden sword with the three Burma rubies in the handle from my Progressive Magick Pathworking, His eyes glowing like two suns. As usual, He said nothing, and I waited patiently, for when Uriel shows up like this, He usually has some lesson for me.

Sure enough, within my meditation I soon saw a fireball of a huge meteor falling at an angle from left to right, across the sky behind Uriel, leaving a trail of smoke and sparks. This was not the first time that Uriel had shown me a meteor hitting the earth, within a meditation. The meteor hit, and the ground buckled. First came a loud explosion, and then a shock wave of smoke and flames roared past, setting everything on fire. My view drew back so that I was seeing the entire planet, and I watched as the firey shock wave spread out from the impact point. I watched the earth burn; I knew that much time was passing, as if a movie was being fast forwarded, and the fires raged.

Soon smoke billowed upward into the far reaches of the atmosphere, dark smoke at first, but after some time the smoke became lighter. My view moved downward back to the surface, which was crisped black and still smoking. Nothing appeared to be alive; everything was destroyed.

As I stood and looked at the devastation, it began to rain. At first, steam rose up from the still hot ground, but eventually everything cooled off. Once the rain had cleared away most of the smoke, and once the steam collected into rain clouds and then fell back down to the ground, the air began to clear. The sun appeared through the steam and fog, and there below me, pushing its way past the cinders and ashes of all that used to be alive, was a newly sprouted plant. Life had reappeared.

The sprout grew as I watched, into a sapling and then a huge tree. Soon, other saplings appeared, children of this first tree, and forests returned. Waterfalls created pools, which were soon teeming with life. Before I knew it, the burned out cinder that was our world had become verdant and green and alive!

I watched Cernunnos walking through the forest, surrounded by birds and rodents and deer, as predators hunted; but there were no humans. Cernunnos walked and looked around, and then shook his head. All of this healthy life, all of the cycles of birth, life, death, rest and rebirth were cleansed and once again working as they should, but something was missing. I followed Cernunnos as he walked along a path, down into a gulley and across a stream, then back up and continuing through the forest; He paused at the edge of a grassy meadow, and then continued forward, bending every so often to pick some of the blue and lavender asters that were growing amidst the grasses.

Finally, He came to Danu’s altar; He lay His flowers aside and then gathered the dried and used up offerings from the altar, placed them on a charred spot on the ground before the altar, and took some flint from a pouch at his belt. Soon, the used up offering burned, and Cernunnos used one stem with a flame on the end of it to light the creamy pillar candle on the altar. Then He picked up his fresh flowers, and laid them reverently on the altar, and waited.

Soon enough, She appeared, dressed in white, with Her rich brown hair pulled back from her face and streaming down Her back, a warm and loving smile on Her face. She walked up to Cernunnos and for a moment they stood, and looked into each other’s eyes. He reached up and caressed Her face, and then leaned down and kissed Her.

Instantly, soft and gentle reverence ignited into passion, and Their bodies pressed together as Their arms wrapped around each other. Soon, They began to blur as Their energies, the Sacred Feminine of the Goddess in the creamy white of the full moon and the Sacred Masculine in the gold of the sun, twisted and laced together.

Suddenly, a fireball shot skyward; like a firecracker, it exploded and shot sparkling seeds of life in all directions. Those silver and gold sparkles spread through the upper reaches of the atmosphere, and as rain began to gently fall, the seeds of life were brought back to the earth.

Within moments, I saw a face, a human face, peeking out from behind a tree.

What really struck me about this vision is that first, life is eternal. Again and again, our world will be cauterized, but life will return, better and stronger and more lovely each time. Second, I can distinctly remember how the world felt once that life had returned in all its glory, but before humans were a part of this life. Something had been missing. We are an important part of the cycles of this world, despite the fact that many of us humans have no respect or reverence for the cycles of life. Every form of life that has evolved here has a purpose, and while we are not the only important life form, or the most important life form, we are a part of the life on this world. This knowledge gives me hope.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Two of Wands/The Star. Two of Wands again! A choice is coming, for sure. The Two of Wands is about receiving the first glimpse of a possible result, and then choosing to apply personal power toward bringing the vision to life. This Two is a Minor Arcana equivalent to The Magician, and the meanings of that card apply to some extent. The Star (Aquarius: “I know,” the group, cause-oriented, eccentric; Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts; and Tsadi, fish hook, experience or thought) has a subtle light, but often when things are most dark we don’t need a klieg lamp to see our way. The Star is telling me to think and contemplate, and to have faith that things will end up to my benefit.

My Thoth card is The Sun. Woohooo!! “Give forth thy light to all without doubt; the clouds and shadows are no matter for thee. Make Speech and Silence, Energy and Stillness, twin forms of thy play.” Crowley feels that this is a good card to see, but in typical Crowley fashion, he reminds us that The Sun (Fire (hot/separates and dry/shapes); Sun, inner core of person or situation, deep self, influential power; Resh, face or reason) has the power to burn us to a crisp if we are not careful. Glory and triumph are wonderful, but if we allow ourselves to be blinded by the light, we just might step on someone we care about.

My Legacy card is the King of Cups. The cusp of Libra (“we are,” partnerships, cooperation, lazy) and Scorpio (“I desire,” deep, secretive, obsessive), the Legacy Tarot sees the Kings as corresponding with Air, so this King would be Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts) of Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts), and would represent the emotions being supported by the intellect. This King is very much in touch with his subtle powers of awareness, and thus he is in touch with everyone and every thing in his kingdom. He is very good at assisting others to deal with dark issues, but sometimes he neglects his own needs as he helps others.

My Pearls of Wisdom New Moon card is the Nine of Cups reversed. Besides the usual messages of this card, in an upright position this Pearls of Wisdom Nine of Cups tells of feeling a love of the Divine as gratitude for the blessings offered, and a conscious movement towards enlightenment. These concepts may be blocked today, but they are there. Since the new moon is less than 24 hours old, I am seeing the presence of this card in a reversed position within my reading for the day as indicating the approach of an awareness of the Divine source of my blessings and the beginning of new and conscious movement toward enlightenment. These are to be my focuses during the waxing moon.

My 6-digit date number is 11 (Archangel Uriel) which reduces to 2. The next step after determining Position is to seek balance and manifestation through determining Distance From.

My horoscope: “Sometimes dreams seem like just that - dreams. Travel, a project, or a new home could be a few of the things you've been trying to accomplish for some time now. Making any one of these dreams come true possibly means jeopardizing relationships. Your dreams could seem particularly unattainable today. Perhaps you must first do some work on your relationships before you can realize your dreams.”

The new moon was last night at 9:04 pm, which was when the Pagan Brain Trust met online to “awaken the dragon” and perform a Reiki Share. J found a chatroom that we could all use, and everyone but L was online (L is sick so she participated in the Share from her bed). Before tapping into the Reiki energy, I cast a circle around myself, and the coolest thing happened! After gazing at our PBT Reiki Sigil, I closed my eyes, visualized the other four quite clearly, and then began to send Reiki. I allowed the heat to increase, I accessed the energy of each of the four traditional Reiki symbols, and I even took the time to open myself to receiving Reiki and felt my body tingle intensely, starting with my heart chakra and emanating outward from there. I opened my eyes to check the time because I was afraid that too much time had passed and I had gone way past our 10 minutes. To my surprise, I was only two minutes into our Share! I really was able to sense the difference in time flow between within my circle and outside of my circle. I could reach out and touch the skin that had formed on the outside of my circle where the two timelines met.

Then, I tried something new. Since I had given each of the other four at least one Reiki attunement, I was suddenly curious to see if there was an additional connection that was increasing my awareness of the effects of our Share. So, I began to perform the Violet Breath, and when I felt that I had built up a charge, I released the energy. I noted the time, 9:07, and then moved on with the Share.

I actually felt our Reiki Dragon coil around me, like a purring cat, towards the end of the Share, and my whole torso was tingling intensely. At 9:14, I ended the flow of Reiki and closed my circle out. We all shared our experiences for a moment, and the most exciting time for me was when E mentioned feeling a blip at 9:07! She felt my Violet Breath!!

Is a Reiki Share more intense when performed by practitioners of the same Lineage? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is the only way to become aware of new sensations, but does this common thread represent one way to intensify the Reiki Share experience? I am looking forward to hearing details of the experiences of the rest of the group.

I will be alone in Cape May on Sunday, and I am bringing 12 Wild Swans down with me; I am hoping to get some of Third Degree Lesson 1 ready for submission. After reading Storm’s awesome experiences after revisiting this book, I am exited and optimistic about this. I feel the need to take some time to focus on my own training, and the New Moon is a great time for that.

Mystery and I will be working on some teaching materials on Sunday as well. And I will probably need to mow the lawn, and at least get my hands a wee bit dirty. Should be a productive day. *crosses fingers*


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two of Pentacles/Four of Swords. Life on the edge of chaos, and a change (possibly in my financial condition) that might require me to be alert and on my toes. The key here is balance; too much change and life falls apart, too little and I stagnate. As long as I include self-improvement in my projects, I should be okay, at least for the time being. The Four of Swords is about a pause that is created by balance, the balance of equals as a deterrent for action or movement. The pause represented by this Four is only temporary, for soon enough stability will tip into action, and I will have the opportunity to tap into both magnetism and polarity.

My Thoth card for today is the Ace of Cups. Pure Spirit and the Holy Grail are what Crowley sees in this card. The potential for manifestation or effects of anything associated with the element of Water can be found within this day. It is up to me to tap into the potential of pure love that is presented through this card.

My Legacy card is the Two of Wands. This Two is about a balanced and equitable exchange of energy, and of the possibility of a choice to be made. A window of opportunity may present itself but in order to seize the opportunity, I will need to keep focused on the goal and act with courage.

My 6-digit date number is 10, completion, which reduces to 1, potential and an awareness of Position. A great place to be on a day of reawakening.

Since I have two 2 cards, I will talk just a bit about the number 2. This number tells of balance, and of an awareness of Distance Between that helps to facilitate balance.

My horoscope: “Don't let your fear or anger get the better of you today, Sagittarius. You're going to be pushed to the forefront and you may even be forced to make some big decisions regarding the direction of your professional life. Perhaps you've been feeling that it's a little premature to take action, but, frankly, you no longer have any choice. Whether you know it or not, you're ready!”

It is interesting to me that after spending six days in the Dominican Republic, completely focused on my physical senses and the experiences of my vacation, I inevitably come to a point of a change of awareness when my personal energy field begins to reawaken. My focus once again moved inward today, and I viewed the world from a different perspective since I first opened my eyes this morning. No longer was I focusing on my body’s reaction to my surroundings, or to the novelty of being in a different country with all of its unique sights, sounds, flavors and scents. No more outside distractions, and the bonus is that my temporary abeyance of working with my energy field has strengthened the connections I have.

Could this be that after working with my personal energy over a period of time, I begin to subconsciously impose expectations on what will result? Could it be that because I feel this-and-thus every morning when I open my root chakra, I end up shutting out any differing sensations because of my expectations and anticipation of feeling this-and-thus when that chakra is opened? If this is true, I need to do a bit of personal reprogramming.

Four weeks from tonight, I will be heading down to Philadelphia so that I can begin my Thai Massage workshop the following morning. I have one month to get my body into the best condition possible, and finally, I am feeling the aches and pains of travel fading from my muscles. I am ready to start preparing my muscles for the next challenge. As I do this, I will reprogram my expectations as far as sensations and energy flows, and I will try my best not to impose experiences of the past onto the workings of the present.

The time has come to focus on my future and visualize, in detail, the goals that I will manifest. Each breath that I take brings me one increment closer to being self-employed.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Knight of Cups/Ten of Wands reversed. This Knight is symbolized by the cusp of Aquarius (“I know”) and Pisces (“I believe”), and he is intensely connected to all emotions, all inner focuses. Because my other card, the Ten of Wands, is reversed, I may need to be very aware of intensities today, for they may not serve me well.

My Thoth card is the Five of Wands reversed. “Strife” reversed, and again I am being warned that I should not immediately discount the uncomfortable situations that can be imposed by movement. The discomforts are not inherently bad or evil, and it is only by shutting out either the effects of Strife or the lack of any challenge that happens with no Strife that I may experience damage. Go with the flow!

My Legacy card is The Hanging Man. Well, he has been appearing frequently! I decided to treat this card differently today, and got out my Guide to the Tarot of the Sephiroth and my Legacy Tarot book, to give this card some thought.

Some interesting concepts. The crossed legs represent the cross of Hermes. I remember reading that often The Emperor is shown sitting on a throne with his legs crossed in exactly the same way. That reminds us that The Hanging Man is in many ways the polar opposite of The Emperor. The Emperor achieves his goals by imposing order, while The Hanging Man has learned that surrender and sacrifice are the best tools.

In reading Marchetti's entries, something else stood out for me. Marchetti writes "When you are truly at rest, everything is suspended. Time stands still, gravity stops, and the doors of extraordinary perception are opened." Could it be that the actual transformation or bridge between these two cards that represent opposite concepts is the important message? Could it be that surrendering to the transformation process itself is what brings us to those altered states?

My 6-digit date number is 5, the number of movement that upsets stability in order to prevent stagnation and bring balance.

This is day three in the Dominican Republic. I really am enjoying the reconnection process, not only with specific people, but with the Dominican people in general, the culture, and the land. My flight was smooth and easy, and my first full day was spent talking and reconnecting with many people. Yesterday, we shopped for Brian’s new living room furniture, and I went to a wonderful eye doctor and ordered new glasses. We all went out to dinner last night, and ate at a lovely outdoor restaurant.

Today I get to do one of my favorite things: shop for larimar and amber. Then, tonight we leave for the country, and I will be spending the next 36 hours or so with my new inlaws. We will be also going to a new beach tomorrow, hopefully all together.

So far, I have pushed myself a bit to enjoy new circumstances. We visited the parents of a friend of Brian’s, out in the country, and that was a bit uncomfortable for me at first because I don’t speak Spanish. But it turned out to be an enjoyable evening. Last night, a few of the people joining us for dinner were new to me, and again I was a bit nervous but all was well, and I had a lovely evening. Now, I am nervous once again because I am meeting new people, several of whom do not speak English; I am hoping to have another positive experience, but yet I am nervous. I am seeing this as a wonderful opportunity to plumb the depths of my fortitude. This effort will bring me new strength, I am certain!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Four of Cups reversed/The Hanged Man. Interesting card combination. In an upright position, this Four of Cups tells of a time of pause that allows an inner focus. The Hanged Man is about surrender. Let’s break this down a bit. The number 4 is about depth and stability, and the suit of Cups corresponds to the element of Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts), which contracts, attempts to stay the same, and is subject to mixing or blending; Water corresponds with feelings, emotions and the subconscious and the visions and dreams connected to it. Upright, this card tells of not appreciating what is around us or of missing the blessings we have because we are looking at the ones we don’t have but want. Because the card is reversed, I am being told that while my awareness of my blessings may be creating a pause, I am well aware of the value of what I have. The Hanged Man also corresponds to the element of Water, as well as Neptune (inspiration, spirituality, enchantment and altered states), and Mem (water; stability and balance). The Hanged Man tells of suspension or pause or surrender; however the pause is achieved through sacrifice. Looks like any sacrifices that I will be called to make today will be given with awareness of their value.

My Thoth card is the Nine of Wands reversed. “Strength,” the moon and Yesod. In an upright position this card tells of visions and of the ability to see the patterns within the visions. Change is stability, and stability needs change in order to be effective. Because the card is reversed, I may have some issue with this concept, or the interaction between change and stability.

My Legacy card is the Seven of Coins reversed. In an upright position this card tells that the work has been done and all that is required now is patience. The card is reversed, though, and I need to be certain that I have done my homework, for being patient won’t work unless the correct preparations are made.

My 6-digit date number is 9, the number of completeness. Not completion, endings, but completeness, having it all (or believing that I have it all).

I am pausing to catch my breath today, but not for long. I had an amazing weekend! Cernunnos has allowed me to dedicate myself to Him, and LOL, He has already given me more energy work to practice and more goals to strive for. My step son, Sean, and his friends were down for the weekend; Sean and his friends love to cook, so we ate well. I did tons of gardening work, trimming the cedars, giving the privets a hard trim, working with the wysteria, moving plants, cutting the grass. I was so tired last night by the time I got home that I went to bed, before 10 pm.

But today was not entirely a day of pauses. I signed up for my Thai Massage Class!! Yay! And I am beginning to pack for my trip to the Dominican Republic. Yay!!. It’s gonna be a crazy 2 days, but Wednesday at 12:30, I am out of work and on my way to Kennedy Airport.

I am really looking forward to this trip.