Sunday, July 6, 2014


Transparent Oracle Sunday!

68, Vision (Within).  Within is the direction of the Self, and thus the cards associated with this direction deal with the ways our Self connects to the world and perceives the world, and the Self.  This direction is mostly abstract, and yet is our bridge to the Universe around us.  Vision is one of the most powerful of our senses, but also the most easy to fool, probably because we depend so much on our eyesight in order to perceive and interpret our world.  Vision is generally about a concern for appearances, but it can also be about “seeing within.”  And within Wicca, visualization is considered one of the first steps to actual manifestation!

63, Touch (and Taste) (Within). Our senses connect us to the physical world, and the sense of Touch is the most solid and least deceptive sense; touch is the method we use to find our way around and to dispel illusion.  Taste is a part of Touch, for it is by bringing things into contact with our tongues that we Taste them.  Contact is the key here, and connection; they can be pleasant or violent.

35, Landscape: Forest (North). North is the direction of Earth, and thus of the physical or physically formed or manifested world, and of nurturing, health, finances and security, and the wisdom associated with living simply, being well-grounded, and being in touch with our physical body.  Forest is about the results over the long term, results which happen because of fertility and nurturing and patience; Forest represents the manifestation of age and wisdom and patience, connections (and results) that are not openly apparent but rather, like roots under the ground, are all around us.  Different energies can work together; a Forest is proof of that.

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  These cards create a beautiful pattern, with the Forest lacing together Vision and Touch (which are superimposed on top of each other).  This mandala offers me a potent message: look within, try to perceive things as they truly are by using more than my eyes, and keep in mind that this process offers its benefits over the long term.  Sounds like there might be some important realizations in store for me.

What a wonderful weekend!  We got to the Blue Moon House on July 3, made it through Tropical Storm Arthur (I even got fresh bread!), had a beautiful beach day on Saturday, went out to dinner Saturday night with friends, and then got everything in order around the house.  Beautiful!  Time for a coctail.


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