Thursday, July 3, 2014


Four of Cups reversed/Five of Cups reversed.  Hmmm . . . looks like I need to think about what not to feel today, rather than what to feel. The Four of Cups (the Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, nurturing, tenacious, moody) in an upright position reminds us that too much pleasure, or maybe too much nurturing or overprotectiveness, deadens the senses. This is a card that describes what can happen when nothing goes wrong in our lives, and since my Four of Cups is reversed, I should remember that not having what I want (and being able to perceive what I want) can be a motivational situation. The Five of Cups (Mars, action, aggression, drive, in Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, controlling, mysterious, obsessive) in an upright position tells of an emotional setback or disappointment, or perhaps the belief that a wrong choice has been made; this card also warns us that we are focusing too much on difficult emotions.  However, this one is also reversed, and I love these two cards together.  I am being told that I should focus on the good stuff in my life rather than the uncomfortable stuff.  Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to turn those failures that are attempting to distract me into lessons, as long as I keep my eyes on the prize.

My Thoth cards are the Three of Cups (“Abundance”) reversed and the Nine of Disks (“Gain”).  Wow, how is that for validation of my interpretation of my two reversed Cups cards above? The Three of Cups (Mercury, reason, intelligence, orderliness, communication, in Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, tenacious, nurturing, moody) in an upright position is about connections, emotional abundance, and about blessings.  Since my Three of Cups is reversed, today might not be a good day to hang out with friends and forget about my responsibilities. The Nine of Disks (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) tells of accomplishment through the imposition of discipline.  This card literally purrs with satisfaction, and it suggests that my efforts and discipline within the physical world might be showing initial signs of manifestation.  Yes, my three Cups cards in a row (Three, Four and Five of Cups) are reversed, but they are in my spread today, so they are relevant.  If I follow the instructions of the Nine of Disks, I just might be able to turn that Three of Cups upright, and yet not fall into the lethargy or depression of the Four and Five).

My Legacy card is the Page of Wands, flavored by the Three of Coins reversed. The Page of Wands (Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, tenacious, nurturing, moody; Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic noble egotistical; and Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) is fun to be around, unless you have a migraine. This Page is reminding me that I am only being restricted if I believe this is so, and I am better off being enthusiastic about whatever is happening, and open to new experiences.  There is always room to play, too, even if our Cups cards are all reversed.  This Page is a perfect card to throw at the beginning of a holiday weekend; adventures are on their way!  My Page is being flavored by the reversed Three of Coins. The Three of Coins (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, drive, in Capricorn, “I build,” ambition, cunning, competence) in an upright position tells of competence, planning and teamwork. The Legacy card tells of a career or a skill that is a passion; an avocation which requires practice and skill and focus to manifest successfully. My Three of Coins is reversed, yet my Nine of Disks is upright.  There are two basic differences between the two cards: first, the Three is more about an in-progress project, which is not a good thing for me to consider today.  Second, the Nine of Disks is about focusing on sharing the fruits of our labors with the community, or at least displaying them to the community (that Virgo influence).  So that reversed Three tells me to ignore the aggressive influence of Mars, and to focus instead on the beauty and effectiveness of what I’ve already been working on.

My 6-digit date number is 6, the number of vertical and horizontal balance.

My horoscopes: “Playing fair is a good thing, but staying so neutral that no one can detect your true allegiances is disheartening to all parties. Being Switzerland when people want strong opinions is not a winning strategy for you today. With the Moon high in your chart, professional success is within reach, but only if you demonstrate allegiance to the people who have always had your back. You don't have to agree with them on every agenda item, but in public, you need to show a unified front.

And: “Remember that you are put on this Earth to have fun, and that happiness is your true destiny. Keep this in mind today, as forces may tend to pull you off track from the fun you've been having. There is likely to be a sobering tone to the day that is stubbornly working to rain on your parade. Recognize the need for structure and stability, but don't let it bring you down.


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