Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Two of Swords/Four of Wands reversed. The Two of Swords (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation) validates my Eight of Pentacles, because this card represents a time of not looking or of shutting out the world.  The serenity of this card happens because we choose to not receive or acknowledge as valid the information that comes to us from the outside; instead we choose to listen to our own mind.  This might not be so bad today, as it is NewYear’s Eve, a good day for reflection. The Four of Wands (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Aries, “I want,” action oriented, assertive, enthusiastic) in an upright position is about building enough to become established, about the results of harmony and effort and creativity combined.  I am being told today that any planning I’ve done has not yet manifested as a sturdy foundation, so moving forward is not a good idea.  Kind of validates the Two of Swords, eh?

My Thoth cards are the Two of Swords (again, “Peace”) and the Three of Cups “Abundance”).  Another upright Two of Swords, this time the Thoth card.  Uncle Al sees the suit of Swords as intensely active in a mental sense, but the keyword shows us that this card at least has a quiet feel about it.  This is the moment where we shut out the world, and to some extent, there could be a bit of deception attached to this card.  Maybe not anything unethical (although that possibility exists as well), but rather, a kind of “I’d like to be alone for a bit” method for hiding what we’re thinking because we are not yet ready to come forward publicly. The Three of Cups (Mercury, reason, intelligence, orderliness, communication, in Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, tenacious, nurturing, moody) is about connections, emotional abundance, and about blessings.  This is seen as the friendship card, and it is an interesting companion to the Two of Swords.  I get this; today I will be able to maintain my quiet center, and still be the life of the party.  Perfect!

My Legacy card is the Devil, flavored by the Eight of Swords. The Devil (Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and stable, material, practical energies that are slow to change), Capricorn (“I build,” ambitious, competent, cautious, cunning), Ayin (the eye, senses), and the Path between Hod (which provides analysis and communication) and Tipareth (the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify) tells of being caught up in the physical world and the effects of the physical senses, to the point of being bound or addicted to those things.  Lately I am noticing that I am actually two people: one person who cares for all of her bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and another person who is focused on pleasing my senses, usually by reading and munching.  When I am the first person, my mind is clear and focused, and when I am the second person, I experience a relaxation that is seductive.  The Legacy Devil is hugely handsome and has an alluring smile on his face, and he is reminding me that I do have a choice.  He is hoping I choose him, of course. My Devil is being flavored by the Eight of Swords; another Swords card that tells of being isolated! The Eight of Swords (Jupiter, expansiveness and growth, justice, fortune, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, sociable talkative, dual) tells of a confused and restrictive response to obstacles, or maybe perceived obstacles.   This card tells me that I am feeling powerless to control things that are coming from outside of me.  Interesting companion to The Devil!  What I need to remember most is that I can only control my reaction to things, not the things themselves.  Even though those outside things seem to be binding me, they will only do so if I allow them to.

My 6-digit date number is 11 (Archangel Uriel), which reduces further to 2, the number of balance, polarity, and the energy of “distance between.”

My horoscopes: “Let your childish side come out to play today, Sagittarius. Your dreams are in full force, so let them lead the way. Enjoy lighthearted conversations with friends about the latest movies and your favorite websites. You might want to consider working out or getting a haircut. This is a good day to improve your general appearance overall. You have a much sharper eye for physical beauty on a day like today.

And: “There is a great deal of grounding energy in your world today, which might be working to smother your fire. Whatever happens, don't let the embers burn out. One of the great assets you bring to a group is a strong dynamism that is required to give people the courage to change. Be a fighter in the ring. Remember that at the end of the day, you need only be satisfied with the performance of one person: yourself.

It is the last day of the calendar year.  This is a day for making plans for the future and releasing what no longer serves us, and my first step is to release the idea of making a resolution for the next twelve months.  Tomorrow is the New Moon, and that is the cycle I am going to focus on.  Since today is the last day of the Dark Moon as well as the last day of 2013, Shadow Work seems to be in order. 


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