Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Seven of Pentacles reversed/Eight of Swords reversed. The Seven of Pentacles (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, law and order, in Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn) in an upright position tells of pauses and choices and assessments. This card has a heaviness to it, as the number 7 tells of a pause and the suit of Pentacles is mainly secure and still.  Because it is reversed, I may not be the most patient person today. The Eight of Swords (Jupiter, expansiveness and growth, justice, fortune, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, sociable talkative, dual) in an upright position tells of a confused and restrictive response to obstacles, or maybe perceived obstacles.   Today I should be able to remember that I can only control my reaction to things, not the things themselves.  That applies to both cards.

My Thoth cards are The Empress (again!) and the Queen of Swords reversed. The Empress (my significator card, which corresponds with Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and stable, material, practical energies that are slow to change), Venus (beauty, allure, pleasure, relationships), the Hebrew letter Daleth (door or womb) and the Path between Binah (female receptive energy and the origin of form and structure) and Chokmah on the Tree of Life (dynamic male energy and the origin of vital force and polarity)) is one half of the Major Arcana representation of the Sacred Feminine, the half that is about creativity, fertility of all kinds, a deep connection to Nature and the nurturing of others, and an enjoyment of the senses. The Empress takes the saying, “live and let live,” and makes it her own: “Love and let love.”  The Queen of Swords (cusp of Virgo, “I serve,” practical, sensible, work and service oriented, and Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation, grace) can be considered a Minor Arcana representation of the Justice card, which is about responsibility and the relationship between “cause” and “effect.”  This Queen is reversed and she is reminding me that love needs to always be unconditional, no matter how much I am drawn to judge others. 

My Legacy card is the Eight of Cups reversed, flavored by the Three of Cups reversed.  Two Cups cards, both reversed!  Watery energy might not be productive today. The Eight of Cups (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitation, law and order, in Pisces, “I believe,” feeling, duality, suffering, soul growth) in an upright position tells of an ending or a decline or a change of direction, often one associated with emotions, and it offers one possible response to that decline or change: moving on.  Since my card is reversed, I may not be happy about the idea of moving on, but it is possible that a relationship will be depending on my decision.  My reversed Eight of Cups is being flavored by the reversed Three of Cups. The Three of Cups (Mercury, reason, intelligence, orderliness, communication, in Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, tenacious, nurturing, moody) in an upright position is about connections, emotional abundance, and about blessings.  This is seen as the friendship card, and it is not only flavoring my reversed Eight of Cups, but validating the idea that that a lack of harmony could affect my relationships and connections.

My 6-digit date number is 5, the number that tells of the imposition of motion onto stability in order to prevent stagnation.

My horoscopes: “This would be an ideal day to take extra care of your body. Don't kid yourself that those back problems will go away. Ditto that pain in your knee. Make an appointment with a doctor or physical therapist. It won't hurt you to set aside your responsibilities for one day. This is important.

And: “You may find that your thinking goes to extremes today. You are feeling very malleable, and your emotions are quite unsettled. It could be that you are fighting an urge to settle down and be calm. Other parts of you are anxious to get up and get moving. Slowing down might actually be just the thing you need to do on this day. Meanwhile, your brain is taking you from one side of the pendulum to the other without a moment's notice.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day is off to a good start.  Breakfast with The Hubs, practiced my tin whistle scales, did my personal Yoga practice.  Time to get ready to celebrate the day.


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