Thursday, December 5, 2013


Nine of Swords/The Universe reversed. The Nine of Swords (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, social, dual) represents brooding and worrying, usually self-caused, and usually unproductive.  Often the worrying attached to this card is connected to insecurity, or to delays in obtaining something. This kind of worry is a total waste of time and energy though, and it rarely achieves anything productive. The Universe/World, which corresponds with Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and material, stable and practical energy that is slow to change), Saturn (discipline, responsibility, limitations and resistance), Thav (mark or sign), and the Path between Malkuth (the physical world of action and physical, outer reality) and Yesod (the place where patterns and images emerge that may manifest into the physical world) is a card of integration and involvement and understanding, a crystallization of the entire issue at hand.  My card is reversed, and enlightenment is out of reach.  However, it is there, and maybe if I focus less on worrying, I will be more in control of circumstances.

My Thoth cards are the Ace of Wands reversed and the Seven of Disks (“Failure”). The Ace of Wands (Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, egotistical, Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, sensible, orderly) tells of the initial emanation of enthusiasm or inspiration that could very well energize an entire process or project. This pure Fiery energy can be unpredictable, but sometimes that unpredictability pays off. The Seven of Disks (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, law and order, in Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn) tells of pauses and choices and assessments. To Crowley, the pause indicated by the Seven of Disks is happening because of sloth and lethargy; after all, the number 7 tells of a pause and the suit of Disks is mainly secure and still.  It seems like any pause today will present the danger of inertia taking over.  Gotta keep moving.

My Legacy card is the Knight of Coins reversed, flavored by the Eight of Cups. The Knight of Coins (cusp of Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, egotistical, and Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) in an upright position tells of persistence to the point of being stubborn, and caution to the point of being boring. Because he is reversed, perhaps I need to remind myself that not everything is going to appear in front of me as soon as I decide I need or want it.  Patience is a virtue, after all. The Eight of Cups (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitation, law and order, in Pisces, “I believe,” feeling, duality, suffering, soul growth) tells of an ending or a decline or a change of direction, often one associated with emotions, and it offers one possible response to that decline or change: moving on.  My Eight of Cups is flavoring my reversed Knight of Coins, and I can see how moving on would be an issue for this Knight because he sticks to the job to the very end.  Perhaps that is the message here: let go of emotions that no longer serve me, and strive to be patient as the future begins to unfold. 

My 6-digit date number is 3, the number that tells of a new creation out of the potential and position of the Ace, and the balance, polarity and energy of “between” of the 2.

My horoscopes: “Minor family problems might make you gloomy today. Perhaps a family member is away, or there may have been some petty squabbles in your household. Others might want to invite friends over, but you may not feel all that sociable. Throw yourself into projects of your own. It could give you a feeling of accomplishment, defusing your downhearted mood and firing your enthusiasm. Try it!

And: “Feeling confident to express what you need sexually to a partner can be challenging. But not today. Confidence in your ability to communicate well will be strengthened and the words will come easier than usual. Be sure to keep your statement focused on what you need using 'I statements' rather than putting your partner in a potentially defensive position. If you can communicate that it's about your needs and not their 'inadequacies', things will go better.


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