Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Seven of Swords reversed/Nine of Swords. The Seven of Swords (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, cause-oriented, the group, aloofness) tells of the effort to maintain things as we want them, often through the use of deception and without considering the wants or needs of others.  This one has been appearing for me lately, and I don’t know why; it was upright in yesterday’s throw but reversed today. The Nine of Swords (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, social, dual) represents brooding and worrying, usually self-caused, and usually unproductive.  Often the worrying attached to this card is connected to insecurity, or to delays in obtaining something. This kind of worry is a total waste of time and energy though, and it rarely achieves anything productive.  Perhaps I am worrying too much about that Seven of Swords, eh?

My Thoth cards are The Universe and the Six of Disks (“Success”) reversed. The Universe/World, which corresponds with Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and material, stable and practical energy that is slow to change), Saturn (discipline, responsibility, limitations and resistance), Thav (mark or sign), and the Path between Malkuth (the physical world of action and physical, outer reality) and Yesod (the place where patterns and images emerge that may manifest into the physical world) is a card of integration and involvement and understanding, a crystallization of the entire issue at hand. The Six of Disks (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Taurus, “I have,” Sensual, cautious, stubborn) brings an awareness of resources to the situation, both those that I have and those that I don’t have, in both the upright and reversed position. Crowley sees the Six of Disks as a card of balance, and while that balance is fertile, it is also temporary.  Because my Six of Disks is reversed, today I may not be good at handling resources, particularly those connected with the physical world.  Since The Universe is also here, the mismanagement of those resources won’t have an effect on the outcome of the day.

My Legacy card is The Tower reversed, flavored by the Seven of Wands.  Hmmm . . . interesting. The Tower (Fire (hot/separates and dry/shapes, and spontaneous, impulsive, energetic change), Mars (action, spontaneity, aggression, drive), Phe (mouth or speech), and the Path between Hod (which provides analysis and communication) and Netzach (which offers the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration)) is one of the Major Arcana cards that talks of adjustments.  This one tells of a violent or explosive correction in the way things are going that usually happens after more gentle corrections don’t bring the needed result. My Tower is reversed, and I sure hope that means the adjustments are coming to an end.  Sheesh already!  The Seven of Wands (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, drive, in Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, natural leader, egotistical, selfish) reminds me that my own judgment is worth relying on, so I should have confidence in that judgment and take a stand and see things through to the end.  I like the way the energy of this card flavors my reversed Tower; confidence is a good thing!

My 6-digit date number is 7, the number that describes the pause that comes as growth slows and degeneration approaches, usually involving a choice of some kind. 

My horoscopes: “Get some of your thoughts on paper today. Communicate your feelings in a journal or write letters or emails to people you haven't seen in a while. Keep the tone light. You have a lot of information to share whether you realize it or not. This is a good day to dress up, go out, and have fun. Share a meal with friends and save your worries for another day.

And: “For some reason, you may not feel like you are exactly flowing well with the energy of the day. You might take this as an indicator that you should perhaps spend some time alone. Use this as a time to recharge your battery and reflect on the past few days. You will find that inner reflection is quite a powerful tool for you at this time. Good things are coming your way.


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