Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Four of Wands/Queen of Cups. The Four of Wands (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Aries, “I want,” action oriented, assertive, enthusiastic) is about building enough to become established, about the results of harmony and effort and creativity combined.  This card tells me that today, the anticipation of the Three of Wands has begun to manifest, and I might want to pause and soak it all in, just to ground that manifestation in the physical world. The Queen of Cups (cusp of Gemini, “I think,” curious, sociable, dual, and Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, tenacious, nurturing, moody) represents the energies of Water and The High Priestess manifested into the Minor Arcana.  She is comfortable with her own feelings (whatever they are), and she nurtures and encourages the dreams of others, too.  My Queen is showing me how I should perceive the manifestation presented by the Four of Wands: through love, compassion, and the instructions of my Inner Voice.

My Thoth cards are the Prince of Cups reversed and the Five of Cups (“Disappointment”) reversed. The Prince/Knight of Cups (cusp of Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, the group, cause-oriented, and Pisces, “I believe,” feelings, duality, suffering, soul growth) is about feeling things strongly and without restraint or grounding.  Upright, this Prince appears calm to others, but inwardly he feels things strongly.  He is reversed today (unlike my other Court Cups card, the Queen of Cups), and he is supporting the moderation of his Queen because he is reversed. The Five of Cups (Mars, action, aggression, drive, in Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, controlling, mysterious, obsessive) in an upright position tells of an emotional setback or disappointment, or perhaps the belief that a wrong choice has been made. The Five of Cups warns us that we are focusing too much on difficult emotions, but today those difficulties won’t control me.  More validation of that lovely Queen of Cups, who more and more is looking like the pivotal card today.

My Legacy card is the Two of Wands, flavored by the Eight of Swords reversed. The Two of Wands (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, drive, in Aries, “I want,” action oriented, pioneering, assertive, enthusiastic) tells of power, influence and authority, and the implementation of the Will.  This is personal power and making a statement of ownership, both of which will help me make choices today.  My Two of Wands is being flavored by the Eight of Swords reversed. The Eight of Swords (Jupiter, expansiveness and growth, justice, fortune, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, sociable talkative, dual) in an upright position tells of a confused and restrictive response to obstacles, or maybe perceived obstacles.  Because it is reversed, my Eight of Swords is actually supporting my Two of Wands.  Thankfully that Queen of Cups is also strong today, because she will moderate the Two, and the Two will encourage her to manifest her personality for the benefit of all.

My 6-digit date number is 9, the number that tells of the completeness of manifestation or effect. 

My horoscopes: “You should find that the general mood of the day is favorable to your personality style, Sagittarius. Take this opportunity to present more of your thoughts and ideas to the world. Let your voice be heard. Use it with strength and vigor. You have partners and friends who are eager to hear what's on your mind. Engage in verbal sparring. You'll find that you can learn a great deal about yourself and others.

And: “You are likely to find people somewhat irritating today. It's as though nothing is good enough, and nobody seems to know exactly what he or she wants. You will reign supreme within this maze of overt conflict and dissatisfaction. You may be even asked to step in and restore order. If the conflict is on the domestic front, go ahead. But tread carefully if you're asked to take on the role of sheriff!


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