Monday, June 16, 2014


Six of Cups/The Fool.  Nice. The Six of Cups (Sun, the inner core of a person or situation in Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, compulsive, deep, obsessive) is a card of innocence, emotional balance and harmony, of simple joy that begets even more simple joy by infecting all that is around us at this moment.  This card is about friendship and play, teamwork, and drawing strength from shared experiences. The Fool corresponds with Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts, and challenges that tend to require the use of the intellect to solve), Uranus (technology, science, radical change), Aleph (the head, youthful learning) and the Path between Chokmah (male in the electric sense, dynamic energy and the origin of vital force and polarity) and Kether (the source; limitless possibility).  The Fool is the spark that begins the idea, and he is the neutral powers of creativity; he is above, beyond and before the world and all its extremes.  He tells us to keep an open mind, and he learns through play, which makes him a perfect companion to the Six of Cups!

My Thoth cards are the Seven of Swords (“Futility”) reversed, and The Devil. The Seven of Swords (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, cause-oriented, the group, aloofness) in an upright position tells of the effort to maintain things as we want them, often through the use of deception and without considering the wants or needs of others.  This card can also be referring to the effort necessary to maintain things, or lack of effort thereof.  Because it is reversed, keeping things as they are won’t be effective for me today.  Swords cards are connected to the element of Air, and thus this reversed Seven of Swords is validating the message of The Fool above.  The Devil (Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and stable, material, practical energies that are slow to change), Capricorn (“I build,” ambitious, competent, cautious, cunning), Ayin (the eye, senses), and the Path between Hod (which provides analysis and communication) and Tipareth (the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify) tells of being caught up in the physical world and the effects of the physical senses, to the point of being bound or addicted to those things.  The Devil represents primal knowledge, and inevitably the presence of primal knowledge creates a sort of tension between it and the civilized mind because that primal knowledge instinctively strives to dominate.

My Legacy card is the Page of Swords reversed, flavored by the Eight of Wands reversed. The Page of Swords (Capricorn, “I build,” ambitious, competent, cautious, cunning, Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, the group, society, cause-oriented, and Pisces, “I believe,” feelings, duality, soul growth, spirituality) in an upright position encourages us to use our mind and intellect to analyze our situations as well as our emotions and feelings.  Apparently, analysis and the working of the intellect will not be my strong points today, and I may end up being too critical of myself.  My reversed Page of Swords is being flavored by another reversed card, the reversed Eight of Wands.  The Eight of Wands (Mercury, reason, intelligence, education, skill, communication, in Sagittarius, “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, adventurous, blundering) is a card of action, of quick developments, and of pulling it all together so things can be completed.  The energies of this card when upright are fast and strong, and while the dust will surely fly, the end result will be balance.  This one is kind of a Minor Arcana version of The Wheel, and since it is reversed, things won’t be happening.  Looks like that fresh breeze my Page needs in order to activate his intellect won’t be around today.

My 6-digit date number is 9, the number that tells of the completeness of manifestation or effect. 

My horoscopes: “Today's celestial configuration will be favorable to changes in your relationships, Sagittarius. Your professional and private lives will be influenced by how well you deal with these relationships. You may have decided that in one way or another your behavior needs to change. Now it's time for you to act. Don't be discouraged if it takes a while to see lasting improvement.

And: “You have a great deal of physical energy to work with. At times you may feel as if you have an endless wellspring of power that is ready to get up and get moving. At the same time, however, you are at a very climactic point in your yearly cycle when things are coming to a dramatic apex. Difficulties that pertain to this yearly climax are likely to make you act out in a rather violent, aggressive manner if things don't go your way. Find a constructive outlet for all of this physical energy.

Interesting thoughts by Mooji, and I’m paraphrasing here, not quoting.  At times, we have questions that don’t seem to have answers.  Sometimes questions come, and we should not be afraid of those questions.  The cool thing is that allowing those questions to be asked brings contemplation.  Contemplation is not a bad thing either, and it might be useful to just allow the mind to do its thing, to allow it to wander without purpose.  Our eyes and our senses are open from when we awaken in the morning until we fall asleep at night, but our brains don’t perceive or notice everything our eyes see.  Our brains can’t perceive everything our eyes see, because the brain would be overwhelmed. And just because we are awake does not mean the mind is “shopping through the senses to bring home some information.” Whatever event or thing that gets noticed is noticed because the brain determined that it was important, that it was real.

I am not reaching for answers, I am simply inviting you to allow space for these questions that will reveal through direct experience That which words alone cannot. Turbulence may come. Resistance, doubt and fear from the mind. Fear of losing your fixed boundaries, the fear of transformation. But all these are also phenomenal and momentary. The mind has a dilemma. It is afraid of change, deeper change, yet the mind is attracted to life, which is change. Don't be mixed up in all that business. You merely observe, casually, passively and keep your attention inside your Heart.” ~ Mooji


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