Thursday, June 12, 2014


Ace of Swords reversed/Four of Pentacles. The Ace of Swords (Capricorn, “I build,” ambition, caution authority, cunning, Aquarius and Pisces, “I believe,” feeling, duality, soul growth, artistic) tells of the birth of ideas and concepts. This Ace in an upright position offers the power to analyze that is necessary in order to make good choices, and in order to react correctly to events in our day.  However, my Ace is reversed, and I may have trouble making good decisions today, probably because my mind is not perceiving what is really happening. The Four of Pentacles (the Sun, the inner core of a person or situation or the deepest self, in Capricorn, “I build,” ambition, authority, caution, cunning) tells of very solid foundations and an awareness of the value of our possessions.  The danger here is that once we realize how valuable things have become, we might expend too much energy protecting things and keeping them just as they are right now.  Change is a good thing, and since the suit of Pentacles is more about following proven rules than experiencing the unknown, I need to remember today that preserving the status quo might not be good.

My Thoth cards are the Six of Swords (“Science”) and the Ten of Cups (“Satiety”) reversed. The Six of Swords (Mercury, reason, intelligence, education, communication, in Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, the group, cause oriented) in an upright position is about balance, healing, moving towards a better place, and even about learning the science behind things that work (because understanding why they work makes them more effective).  I love this card because it is how I learn and grow; today this message is particularly relevant to me.  I can’t heal unless I understand why things are happening, and sometimes I need to remember that I can’t control the catalyst that is causing the events.  Sometimes it is just best to accept that I can’t fix things, and move my focus elsewhere. The Ten of Cups (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, drive, in Pisces, “I believe,” feeling, duality, spirituality, suffering and growth) offers the manifestation of happiness, simple joys, and fulfillment. The number Ten is about the completion of a cycle or manifestation, and the suit of Cups is about emotions, feelings and the inner self, so this card in an upright position offers the bounty that comes with the successful experiencing of all the lessons of the Cups cards.

My Legacy card is the Knight of Swords, flavored by the Six of Coins. The Knight of Swords (the cusp of Taurus, “I have,” sensual, stubborn, cautious, and Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, dual, intelligent) is outspoken, assured, alert, and logical, as well as rude, domineering, critical and sarcastic.  His daring and courage are impressive, but he can also be disruptive, too.  While all of the Knights can be considered as mercenaries, the Knight of Swords truly personifies this career. Slicing through obstacles in the name of the higher good for all will come easy for me today, and I just might attain that goal because of the other energies in play today.  My Knight is being flavored by the Six of Coins, a good pairing. The Six of Coins (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Taurus, “I have,” Sensual, cautious, stubborn) brings an awareness of resources to the situation, both those that I have and those that I don’t have.  The suit of Coins will slow down my Knight, and remind him to think before he jumps into the fray to save the day. 

My 6-digit date number is 5, the number that tells of movement that disturbs stability in order to prevent stagnation.

My horoscopes: “You've always felt the need to free yourself from society. You need to feel independent at any cost. You may need to face certain relationship problems at this time. Perhaps you're hesitant to commit either at work or in your personal life. You may ask yourself if your attitude isn't in fact revealing a desire to get away from it all. Perhaps you'll find the answer today.

And: “In some ways you may feel like a lost soul who is not quite in touch with her dreams. Although you may feel quite energetic and boisterous, you may also get the sense that your energy is misdirected, and that you are being led in the wrong direction. The key for you now is to guide yourself. Lead yourself. Cut through the red tape of everyone else's agenda and follow your own internal rainbow. The more you take charge, the happier you will be.

Some words of wisdom today from one of my favorite Gurus, Mooji:

Real understanding, leading to liberation, takes place in Presence not in the person.  Therefore, your initial effort is to lift the consciousness from the personal state to the state of unmixed Presence.  Only when you are synchronized in Presence as Presence itself, does Self-discovering become an effortless joy.  Then Self-inquiry is not merely something you practice, it becomes the mirror you look into to see the face of God.

What a wonderful reminder that all religions should have the same goal: coming closer to Deity.  Those words apply completely to my own Path, and to every other truly religious person I know.  They certainly do seem like instructions for Drawing Down the Moon!


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