Friday, November 29, 2013


Three of Pentacles/Two of Cups. The Three of Pentacles (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, drive, in Capricorn, “I build,” ambition, cunning, competence) tells of competence, planning and teamwork.  Today I am being told that I need to get up and get back into a realistic program, after the excesses of Thanksgiving day.  I am not alone here, and perhaps I can be the catalyst to bring everyone back to life after the turkey coma induced by a huge dinner. The Two of Cups (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, family and home oriented, tenacious, moody) tells of about love and connections, usually having to do with feelings, relationships and commonalities.  Commonalities and affinities, and pleasurable connections to be used as fuel to make things happen.  Yes!

My Thoth cards are The Fool reversed and the Seven of Disks (“Failure”). The Fool corresponds with Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts, and challenges that tend to require the use of the intellect to solve), Uranus (technology, science, radical change), Aleph (the head, youthful learning) and the Path between Chokmah (male in the electric sense, dynamic energy and the origin of vital force and polarity) and Kether (the source; limitless possibility).  The Fool is the spark that begins the idea, and the neutral powers of creativity.  My Fool is reversed, and I could be receiving a message that today, I am better off just sticking to what has already proven to be effective, rather than striking out on my own. The Seven of Disks (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, law and order, in Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn) tells of pauses and choices and assessments.  Sometimes, these assessments end up bringing a direction change, or at least a time of considering making a change in direction. To Crowley, the pause indicated by the Seven of Disks is happening because of sloth and lethargy.  Any effort or focus has been lost, and even the tools have been thrown down.  Hence, the “Failure” as a keyword, and the slightly more negative interpretation than usual.  Maybe sticking to the known and proven path is not right after all; maybe my Fool is reversed because I’m not tapping into energies that I need. 

My Legacy card is the Six of Swords, flavored by The Empress reversed. The Six of Swords (Mercury, reason, intelligence, education, communication, in Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, the group, cause oriented) is about balance, healing, moving towards a better place, and even about learning the science behind things that work (because understanding why they work makes them more effective). This card is about healing by achieving a better understanding of a situation, so that we can better cope with problems or challenges.  One of the cool things about the Six of Swords is that it tells me that the knowledge and information I’ve acquired are actually causing things to happen. The Empress (which corresponds with Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and stable, material, practical energies that are slow to change), Venus (beauty, allure, pleasure, relationships), the Hebrew letter Daleth (door or womb) and the Path between Binah (female receptive energy and the origin of form and structure) and Chokmah on the Tree of Life (dynamic male energy and the origin of vital force and polarity)) is one half of the Major Arcana representation of the Sacred Feminine, the half that is about creativity, fertility of all kinds, a deep connection to Nature and the nurturing of others, and an enjoyment of the senses.  She is my significator, so her presence either upright or reversed is a huge “pay attention!” to me.  Because she is about enjoying the pleasures and the bounties of life, she needs to be reversed today, or I will slip right back into the excesses of yesterday.  It is good that she is flavoring my Six of Swords as a reversed card. 

My 6-digit date number is 8, the number that tells of the conscious effort to postpone the degeneration of the number 7, in order o maintain a bit longer the balance of the number 6.  Perfect!

My horoscopes: “Today is a day to rest on your laurels, literally. You've achieved a tremendous amount in the last few days. You've earned some time off. Call in sick and go see a movie in the middle of the day. Take yourself out to lunch and order a glass of the best champagne. Take this day to reflect on your accomplishments before you set your mind on the next project.

And: “In general, today should be a pretty good day for you. Your way of thinking is apt to be preferred over most, and you will find that the more you relax into a position of leadership, the more things will start to naturally flow your way. Take some time for yourself to simply slow down and think. Give yourself the opportunity to hear the subconscious messages that are trying to get through to your conscious brain.

What an awesome Thanksgiving.  Our trip was smooth, the meal was awesome, and the people are much-loved.  The sun is shining and it is warming up a bit; another glorious day ahead!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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