Friday, August 2, 2013


Seven of Cups reversed/The Fool reversed.  I had the Seven of Cups upright yesterday  (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, controlling, obsessive, mysterious) when it represented the distraction, sensory overload and dissipation that can happen when we are presented with too many enticing choices. The card is reversed, so I am hoping that my tendency to underestimate or overestimate the importance of my choices will not be an issue today. The Fool corresponds with Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts, and challenges that tend to require the use of the intellect to solve), Uranus (technology, science, radical change), Aleph (the head, youthful learning) and the Path between Chokmah (male in the electric sense, dynamic energy and the origin of vital force and polarity) and Kether (the source; limitless possibility).  The Fool is the spark that begins the idea, and the neutral powers of creativity.  He is reversed, however, and again overconfidence or underconfidence are being presented, and this time they could be more of an interference.  Perhaps this should be a day of treading water.

My Thoth card is The Magus reversed. The Magus/Magician, which is flavoring my reversed Eight of Wands, corresponds with Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts, and quick and animated energy which usually presents problems or challenges), Mercury (reason, intelligence, orderliness, communication), Beth (house; builder) and the Path between Binah (female, receptive energy and the origin of form and structure) and Kether (the source, limitless possibility).  The Magician is a personally significant card to me.  He represents knowledge concerning communication of all kinds, and magick of all kinds.  My Magus is reversed, and again, I am being told to hold back a bit.  Hmmm . . . I think I see a pattern here.

My Legacy card is the Ten of Swords, flavored by the Five of Coins.  Oy!  Ouch! The Ten of Swords (the Sun, the inner core of a person or situation, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, sociable, dual, talkative) tells of the perception of the complete manifestation of interference, powerlessness and restriction.  The key word here is “perception” and I need to remember this.  Things might change suddenly for the worst, or at least appear that way, but forewarned is forearmed. The cool thing is that the Tarot Dynamics entry for this card recommends Yoga as a possible solution, and that is a part of every day for me now. The Five of Coins (Mercury, reason, intelligence, education, skill, communication, in Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn), which is flavoring my Ten of Swords, tells of some loss or need within the physical world, but today my Five of Coins is reversed.  These two cards together tell me that things may not go as I want them to go, but it is important that I not allow myself to descend into a funk.  I need to identify the problem and its source; physical world problem?  I need to keep emotions out of the picture and fix things using physical tools.  Mental/intellect problem?  I need some grounding and a dose of reality.  I also need to focus on the big picture, not the irritating details.

My Pearls of Wisdom Lammas card is the Page of Swords reversed. The Page of Swords (Capricorn, “I build,” ambitious, competent, cautious, cunning, Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, the group, society, cause-oriented, and Pisces, “I believe,” feelings, duality, soul growth, spirituality) tells us to use our mind and intellect to analyze our situations as well as our emotions and feelings.  I love the image of the Pearls of Wisdom Page; he is attempting to hold up the Sword, but it is too heavy for his young arms.  No worry, he will get stronger with practice.  He is motivated, and since the card is reversed, I may have trouble finding my own motivation over the next few weeks. I must identify and tap into  my strengths!

My 6-digit date number is 5, the number that tells of movement that churns up stability to prevent stagnation.

My horoscopes: “Table any decisions today. Your judgment could be a bit faulty or you and just about everyone else could be prone to changing your mind when a Gemini Moon is void-of-course. There's nothing mysterious tonight - it's chemistry when Venus sextiles Mars. For couples, the planetary duo sparks libidos.

And: “A desire to redecorate, remodel or otherwise beautify your home might tempt you to spend a little too much today. This is fine, as long as you make sure you overspend on what you really want or need. Don't get so carried away that you might have to take unwanted stuff back to the store! You might invite some people over tonight, but again, be careful you don't invite too many. "Excess" is the keyword for today. Avoid it!

My Shadowscapes Insight is regarding the Ten of Pentacles.  My old friend!  And today, this card is reminding me to use my bounty in a way that supports my own well-being.  No one can be a good spouse, parent, student or employee unless the Self is taken care of first.  I am being told that I have the resources to do this, and maybe even have some left over!

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Lammas Blessings and Happy First Harvest!


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