Thursday, January 16, 2014


Two of Swords/Nine of Wands. The Two of Swords (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation) represents a time of not looking or of shutting out the world.  The serenity of this card happens because we choose to not receive or acknowledge as valid the information that comes to us from the outside, or maybe because we choose to not listen at all, whether the information is valid or not.  Some see this card as representing an armed peace, a peace created by receiving only a limited amount of information.  Sometimes we need to unplug, just so we can stop the stress loop.   The Nine of Wands (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Sagittarius, “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, adventurous, blundering) tells us that the final challenge approaches, and we need to ready ourselves so we can guard our assets.  This card also tells of wisdom . . . wisdom that comes at a high price.

My Thoth cards are The Moon and the Knight of Disks. The Moon of the Tarot Major Arcana corresponds with Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts, emotional and sensitive energy that strives to stay the same), Pisces (“I believe,” feeling, suffering, soul growth, duality), Qof (the back of the head), and the Path between Malkuth (the physical world of action and physical, outer reality) and Netzach (the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration), is about feelings and emotions and instincts and the subconscious.  This card tells of falsehood and illusion and the Dark Night of Soul, and that is just about where I am right now.  Crowley also sees this card as talking about magick and mystery; they are also difficult to pin down and define, but they are good. The Knights of the Thoth Tarot are actually the Kings.  The King of Disks (cusp of Aries, “I want,” action oriented, assertive, competitive, and Taurus, “I have,” sensual, stubborn, cautious, physically oriented) is the expert on physical world manifestation of all kinds.  He is good at managing physical world resources, but he focuses a lot on the business end of things.  The thing about that kind of focus is that it becomes narrowed into the planning.  These two cards together remind me that having lots of money brings the illusion of happiness, but happiness happens whether we have money or we don’t.  The nice thing is that unlike The Moon, my Knight is well grounded into reality.  Between the two cards, I should have a nice balance.

My Legacy cards are the Nine of Wands reversed (Bookends!), flavored by The Tower.  Eeep!  The Legacy Nine of Wands in an upright position tells us that while events thus far have taken their toll, we need to gather our resolve for the final push.  Since this card is reversed, I may be at the end of my reserve of resolve, but the challenge may be winding down as well.  My reversed Nine of Wands is being flavored by an uncomfortably active card, The Tower.  The Tower (Fire (hot/separates and dry/shapes, and spontaneous, impulsive, energetic change), Mars (action, spontaneity, aggression, drive), Phe (mouth or speech), and the Path between Hod (which provides analysis and communication) and Netzach (which offers the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration)) is one of the Major Arcana cards that talks of adjustments.  This one tells of a violent or explosive correction in the way things are going that usually happens after more gentle corrections don’t bring the needed result.  I do understand what this card is about.  Everything I’ve worked toward and believed in have just been totally toppled, and boy, was that an uncomfortable experience.  In fact, perhaps the energies of this card are the reason why my resolve is ebbed to a low point.  The thing I need to remember is that the destruction caused by The Tower is actually clearing away the old and expired, so new growth can begin. 

More about my Bookends card, the Nine of Wands.  This card often reminds us that our life experiences, both the joyful ones and the difficult ones, prepare us for the next challenge.  The Nine of Wands reminds us that sometimes drawing that line in the sand makes us find the strength to do what needs to be done.  We might not have accomplished so much if we didn’t set that standard.  The Legacy Tarot sees the Nine of Wands as representing the saying “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”  The Llewellyn Welsh Nine of Wands tells us that the time has come to anticipate a challenge, and prepare our defenses to stand against it.  This is the discipline of the seasoned warrior who has been knocked down to the ground in many ways, and thus he can anticipate where the next attack will come from.  This is the sentinel who watches the walls, gazes into the darkness with the eyes that can tell the difference between a harmless shadow and an approaching danger.  If reversed, the Nine of Wands could be warning us to rethink our position.  Perhaps we don’t have the strength we think we have, or perhaps the strength is there but the challenge is not as strong as we believe it to be.  Or it could be that old habits and addictions are creeping back into control, without our even knowing it.  A reversed Nine of Wands reminds us to heed the warnings, for it looks like we are not seeing possible consequences and will be caught off guard.

My 6-digit date number is 4, the number of depth and stability.

My horoscopes: “New ideas that you have been studying over the past few days might have turned your mind in a different direction, Sagittarius. Thus, you are shifting away from the concepts that you've always accepted toward other ideas that you may have just learned. This could lead to projects of your own, perhaps involving writing or speaking. Open and honest communication with a lover might lead to an intimate evening together. Expect some intense conversation, among other things!”

And: “The time has come to take important decisions for yourself, but also for your family ties. You feel that there is a strong and dynamic flow in the air today. You can utilize this flow to your advantage and make your entourage benefit from it too. It will also enable you to think about new objectives.

I am in the midst of dealing with a huge and painful Dark Night of the Soul.  This one has struck home, and is happening in the e-Community I have called my spiritual home for more than 11 years.  Thankfully I am being supported and advised by both my High Priestess and my dear Mentor (a Third Degree Initiated Priestess), but I am still attempting to heal from angry words. 

I do understand that a Dark Night is to be expected immediately prior to a big advancement, and since I am moving toward my Third Degree Initiation in the very near future, this one does not surprise me, as painful as it is.  I understand the purpose of this Dark Night; it is causing me to make absolutely sure that I wish to formally dedicate myself to my spiritual Path and to my Coven in this deeper and more intense way.   This Dark Night has also reminded me in a good way, despite its ongoing state, that I am not alone.  Yes, I need to find my way through this Darkness in a solitary way, but I do have a cheering section, urging me onward.  I do feel that I have finally reached the beginning of the back end of this painful time.

Don’t like this feeling; want it to end.  It is up to me to end it, for I can’t control the thoughts, words or actions of others, I can only control my response to them.  Each and every response I am choosing is being chosen with the intent to harm none, in perfect love and trust.


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