Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The High Priestess/Seven of Swords reversed. The High Priestess (Water; the Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination; Gimel, the camel who safely crosses Da’ath, the Abyss, and thus, has the secret of life; and the Path between Tiphareth, the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify, and Kether, the source, limitless possibility), the other half of the Major Arcana representation of the Sacred Feminine; The High Priestess is the source of the power of The Magician, the feminine version of The Hierophant, and the Keeper of the Mysteries.  She reminds us of the power to be had from allowing things to unfold without intervention, or better yet, to allow things to influence us rather than attempting to influence them.  This card also reminds us that the Inner Voice often offers much knowledge, but we may need to do some work in order to understand that knowledge. The Seven of Swords (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, cause-oriented, the group, aloofness) in an upright position tells of the effort to maintain things as we want them, often through the use of deception and without considering the wants or needs of others.  My Seven of Swords is reversed, and I am being told by this card that kindness and openness and honesty are important, as well as working toward the higher good of all.

My Thoth card is the Knight of Wands. The Thoth rank of Knight is actually the same as the King in other decks.  The Knight/King of Wands (cusp of Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, nurturing, moody, and Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic egotistical) is honest and open hearted, and rules his realm through the advantageous use of his creative impulses.  He is a natural leader with infectious enthusiasm who is able to motivate others through his enthusiasm for new experiences. However, this Knight/King tends to put everything into his first effort, and ends up running out of gas.  A warning, perhaps?

My Legacy card is the Knight of Coins reversed, flavored by the Ten of Coins. The Knight of Coins (cusp of Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, egotistical, and Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) in an upright position tells of persistence to the point of being stubborn, and caution to the point of being boring.  Because my Knight is reversed, he is kind of supporting The High Priestess above and reminding me that sticking to a plan isn’t always the best choice.  The Ten of Coins (Mercury, reason, intelligence, education, communication, in Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) in an upright position represents physical world wealth and bounty, and the attempt to maintain the status quo.  My Ten is reversed, and again I am being told that striving to maintain the current situation may not work so well.  Guess what I am going to focus on today?

My 6-digit date number is 2, the number of balance, polarity, and the energy of “distance between.”

My horoscopes: “No one likes rejection, but no one likes rejection less than you, Sagittarius. You may hesitate to take risks in the unknown. Keep in mind that by playing it safe, you deprive yourself of the very adventure that could turn your life around. There's an energetic, expansive feeling in the air encouraging you to take that leap of faith. This energy may feel foreign to you, but it's time to embrace it.

And: “You are likely to receive an incredible energy boost toward the end of the day that is going to help you power through just about anything. The key is to not burn up all of this rocket fuel at once. If you crank your engine up to full speed and aim straight up, it won't be long until you run out of gas and slowly fall toward the ground. Instead, you are better off conserving your fuel and heading out at an angle that will launch you far and keep you going strong for the rest of the day.

My Shadowscapes Insight is regarding the King of Cups.  This King can read the knowledge of the centuries that is written into the workings of nature, and within him is the timeless and immeasurable power of the sea.  He protects and he heals, he offers compassion and care, and he shows us the benefit of choosing to go with the flow.

Well, I had my nice time of relaxation, and now I’ve got a backlog.  Today is back-to-work day, and it’s going to be a crazy one.  But I can do this!  I’ve got some YTT homework to work on, and yay!  I’ve not only been given the go-ahead to move on to Lesson 10 of Third Degree, but also told that I don’t need to do Lesson 11, which is focused on advanced spellcrafting, because of the Second Degree Lessons and Study Halls that I have written.  This means I am on the next to the last Lesson in Third Degree Training!

I will be re-reading the information I compiled about the Great Rite over the next week or so, and then I will begin writing the essay required within this Lesson’s homework assignment.  But first, time for a Yoga class!


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