Sunday, April 27, 2014


Transparent Oracle Sunday! 

51, Gateway: The World Tree (Below).  The direction of Below is not easily associated with spirituality, yet it is a powerful symbol representing the opportunity to create a strong foundation, and to connect to the tools and powers of the Underworld.  The World Tree is a powerful symbol in many cultures; in Wicca, the Tree is seen as representing the cast circle, and it is seen as a gateway to the Underworld.  The World Tree is about initiation of the most exciting kind; it tells of the ability to tap into the knowledge and wisdom that is a part of me through my ancestors, and it tells of the ability to connect with non-physical beings.

9, Guide: Wren (East).  East is the direction of the rising sun, and thus of new beginnings and fresh ideas, as well as knowledge, intellectual ideas and thoughts.   Wren is pretty amazing; she is a combination of ambition (sometimes ambition that seems on the surface to be out of reach) and cunning (which enables Wren to surprise us as she attains the unattainable), which allows her to think out of the box with amazing results.  Wren tells us that bigger is not necessarily better, and often it is the seemingly insignificant contribution of the most invisible of players that allows us to win the game.

26, Guide: Otter (West).  West is the direction of Water, and thus, of feelings and emotions, relationships of all kinds, cleansing and healing, the wisdom associated with natural endings, and the bubbling up of pure joy.  The first thing I think of when I see the Otter card is joyful playing.  Otters are known for their play, and play is a sign of intelligence and awareness.  Otters are at home both on Earth and in Water; they form strong family bonds, and work hard to protect their group of family or friends.   All while playing tag!

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  Boy, this one is really, really clear to me personally.  The image is of animals circling a tree, filled wih symbolism.  Foundation is important, and so is knowledge; we use them both, alongside life’s challenges, to obtain wisdom.  Working together is important, because it reinforces the concept that we are all connected; we support others in need so we can depend on them when we are in need, and all prosper.  Like the ecosystem of a forest, filled with many different manifestations of life, the smaller or behind-the-scenes parts are just as important as those that are manifested in the spotlight.  And yes, I prefer the behind-the-scenes parts, and sometimes that means I get overlooked.  That does not mean I am not valued. 

Oh, no pitty potty.  I’m proud of myself!


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