Monday, April 21, 2014


The Horned One/Five of Wands reversed. The Horned One/The Devil (Earth (cold/binds and dry/shapes, and stable, material, practical energies that are slow to change), Capricorn (“I build,” ambitious, competent, cautious, cunning), Ayin (the eye, senses), and the Path between Hod (which provides analysis and communication) and Tipareth (the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify) tells of being caught up in the physical world and the effects of the physical senses, to the point of being bound or addicted to those things. The Llewellyn Welsh Tarot does not see the Devil as a more negative card (hence the name, “The Horned One”).  Today the call of the wild and primal world of Nature may be a huge draw for me, but I will need to be certain that thes alluring effects don’t distract me enough that I miss something important.  Difficult, I know, on this beautiful Spring day. The Five of Wands, which corresponds with Saturn (discipline, responsibility, law and order) in Leo (“I am, passionate, dramatic, egotistical) in an upright position indicates a struggle caused by annoying cross-purposes.  My Five of Wands is reversed, and even if I deal with conflicting, Fiery energies today, they will have a good effect in the end.  Kind of like what my Transparent Oracle reading told me yesterday!  The reversed Fire card might be enough to energies the Earth card without overdoing it.

My Thoth cards are Death and The Emperor.  Sheesh, demanding men in my cards today, eh? The Death card of the Major Arcana corresponds with Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts, and sensitive, imaginative energy that strives to stay the same or take the same course), Scorpio, Nun (fish head; liberation), and the Path between Tiphareth (the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify) and Netzach (the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration), and tells of natural change that cannot be stopped, and that usually involves the potential to step upward on the evolutionary ladder. Many people fear this card, but Death can be seen as representing natural change through alchemic putrefaction.  The Death card offers the illusion of destruction, illusion because this very destruction creates new life.  And as I’ve worked through my submission for this month, I have been touching on this process of destruction that brings renewal.  The thing about alchemic putrefaction is that sooner or later you get tired of the muck; today I should surrender to the process of renewal because it might help to hose me off. The Emperor corresponds with Fire (hot/separates and dry/shapes, and spontaneous, impulsive, energetic change), Aries (“I want,” action oriented, assertive, competitive) and the Hebrew letter Heh (window, illumination), and represents confidence, authority, and the archetype of the Father.  The Emperor of the Tarot instills balance, form and structure onto the fertility and creations of The Empress, and I get the feeling that my Emperor is ready to take charge of that new beginning being offered by Death.  LOL, he is not good at surrendering to the process, however, and this might be a good exercise for him!  LOL, these two cards when placed in the order of their appearance seem to be looking at each other, with Death in the foreground and The Emperor in the background.  Is Death handing off the authority to The Emperor?  Or is he looking back at The Emperor and snickering with amusement?  I guess that is my question of the day.

My Legacy card is the Page of Cups, flavored by the Knight of Wands reversed. This Page of Cups corresponds to Libra (“we are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation), Scorpio (“I desire,” intensity compulsion, mystery) and Sagittarius (“I seek,” philosophic, adventurous, blundering) and it is a card of soft and tender energies and of getting fulfillment through connections to others, and through innocent and simple joys.  Not even close to the pleasures being offered by my Horned One above, and perhaps I am being offered an alternative to his more “grown up” energies.  My happy Page of Cups is being flavored by another Court Card, the reversed Knight of Wands. The Knight of Wands (cusp of Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, controlling, deep, obsessive, and Sagittarius, “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, blundering) usually represents a person of passion, courage, enthusiasm and boundless energy; most definitely not background-type efforts.  This Fiery Knight tends to be about the goal or end result, without taking into consideration any consequences. However, because he is reversed, and he is flavoring my more soft and gentle Page of Cups, he just might be supporting the Page’s efforts to enjoy innocence and serenity.

My 6-digit date number is 3, the number that tells of a new creation out of the position and potential of the Ace, and the balance, polarity, and energy of “distance between” of the 2.

My horoscopes: “Get out in the fresh air today in whatever way suits your fancy, Sagittarius. It's important to exercise your body with some brisk physical activity, or at least refresh your spirit with a ride in a convertible. This is a terrific time for you. You feel alive and joyous about your life. Join with others to recognize all that you have, and give thanks for your meal tonight.

And: “It could be that you are feeling a strong sense of guilt at this time because of something you did in an effort to feed your own ego. Be aware of how your actions have affected others and apologize for what you have done. Guilt is basically a useless emotion that you should rid yourself of as quickly as possible. Don't let this feeling keep you from opening up your heart the way you need to in order to restore it to its original innocence.


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