Thursday, March 27, 2014


Six of Wands reversed/Six of Cups reversed.  Hmmm . . .  two reversed Sixes. The Six of Wands (Jupiter, expansiveness and growth, justice, fortune, in Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, noble, authoritative) in an upright position expresses the celebration we feel when we have passed some test or successfully met a challenge. Since my card is reversed, the results may not be clear or conclusive.  Doesn’t mean the results are bad, just that we can’t see them yet. The Six of Cups (Sun, the inner core of a person or situation in Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, compulsive, deep, obsessive) in an upright position is a card of innocence, emotional balance and harmony, of simple joy that begets even more simple joy by infecting all that is around us at this moment.  Because my Six of Cups is also reversed, I just might find that I can’t connect with the past.  Perhaps it is time to look forward instead of behind me, and then the results might be more clear.

My Thoth cards are the Three of Wands (“Virtue”) and the Nine of Swords (“Cruelty”). The Three of Wands (Sun, the inner core of a person or situation, the deepest self and personal power, in Aries, “I want,” action oriented, pioneering, assertive) is a card of planning ahead that tells of the excitement that comes with good possibilities at hand.  Crowley sees this card as representing Will and dominion, the establishment of a primal energy.  Cool! The Nine of Swords (Mars, action, spontaneity, aggression, in Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, social, dual) represents brooding and worrying, usually self-caused, and usually unproductive.  Often the worrying attached to this card is connected to insecurity or suspicion, or it is connected to things that are over and done with, and thus unchangable.  Crowley calls this card the “agony of the mind,” and it is interesting that we have an optimistic card and a pessimistic card here.  Is this a call and response?  Or am I being offered a choice, and an indication that my response to any situation today is important?

My Legacy card is the Ace of Coins, flavored by the Three of Swords reversed. The Ace of Coins (Aries, “I want,” action oriented, assertive, competitive, Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn, and Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, dual, social) tells of the presence of potential that is connected in some way to the physical world.  This card represents the seed of something that could be great, but it is potential only, not yet manifested.  My Ace of Coins is being flavored by the reversed (whew!) Three of Swords.  The Three of Swords (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitations and resistance, in Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation), my least favorite card in the entire deck, usually indicates the possibility that logic, rationalizing and the intellect could end up causing harm if they are not used with balance and compassion.  But since my Three of Swords is reversed, I just might be able to overcome this possibility, or at least minimize it.  More optimism to manifest that Ace of Coins.  Yes!

My 6-digit date number is 8, the number that tells of the conscious response to the approach of degeneration that is the number 7, in order to maintain for a bit longer the balance of the number 6. 

My horoscopes: “Assessment of others' ideas may be a main focus today, Sagittarius. Group activities could require your intellectual input. A friend could come to you with an idea for a project of some kind. Writing or speaking may be involved in some way. Your friend isn't in a very practical frame of mind, so don't be surprised if the ideas don't seem very workable right now. Don't be discouraging, however. Your friend may surprise you!”

And: “If you've been thinking about starting a new business partnership, this is the day to take some positive action toward that end. Any new business enterprises started today, particularly where partnerships are involved, show a lot of promise for success. This might make a profound difference in the course of your life, so make sure you allow for as many possible contingencies as you can. Go for the gold, and enjoy the adventure!”

Boy, did I have a busy day today, filled with Yoga.  I did my own Yin practice this morning, then went to visit a friend who had broken her ankle in early January.  She had just transitioned from a cast to a boot, and wanted some chair Yoga.  Then, I attended a Hatha Yoga class followed by a Gentle Yoga class.  I’m tired, but tomorrow is Friday!


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