Sunday, July 21, 2013


Transparent Oracle Sunday!

55, Guide: Mermaid (Below).  Ascension and escape from the physical world seem to be our tasks for this life; however, in order to ascend, we need to first understand this word we are attempting to grow out of.  The cards of Below assist us in that endeavor.  Mermaid tells us of many non-physically manifested concepts: feelings, emotions, love, compassion, and healing.  Like Water, none of these can be held in place by our hands, and yet all are important ingredients within a balanced and harmonious and satisfying life.  Learning to access these ingredients and use them for our benefit without “over-spicing” the recipe takes focus and Will, and loss of control can bring obsession and destruction, but it is well worth the risk.

1, Gateway: Spring (East).  East is the direction of the rising sun, and thus of new beginnings and fresh ideas, as well as knowledge, intellectual ideas and thoughts.  The Gateway of Spring brings us fresh new beginnings and the first blossoming of creativity.  There is an innocence about the energies of this Gateway, and an optimism, and perhaps these lovely energies will bring new insights, as well as new creativity.

53, Guide: Sidhe (Below).  The cards of Below assist us in understanding our foundation.  There are entities who dwell there who can also assist us with that endeavor, if we approach them correctly.  The Sidhe can be a wonderful Guide when we are attempting these things, for she is both a source of creation and of responsibility.  The Sidhe cares for the earth and Nature; just like us, she is a part of that realm.  But the Sidhe is also connected to the non-physical world more than we are, and thus can be a Guide who teaches us how to see things in a different or unique manner.  And if we work hard and are true to our Purpose, we just might get some support along with our guidance; this partnership can achieve extraordinary things!

Oooh, interesting.  Another very “tight” mandala!  The face of Sidhe on top of the face of Mermaid, a potent and compelling spiral in the center and emanating “rays” moving outward, and the wreath of Spring (with a beautiful flower on each Third Eye) connecting everything together.  That spiral is compelling for a reason: inspiration and feelings and emotions all come from within us.  I am being reminded today of my own Purpose, and I am being encouraged to give my inner Self another look.  Perhaps things have changed or become more interesting there.  Perhaps I will be able to understand a bit more.

Another Wild Unknown Tarot card!  The Five of Wands.  Five wands, each facing a different direction, and each sending out different energy patterns from each side.  This card kind of puts me in a daze because of the different directions in which the energy is moving.  These conflicting flows don’t feel dangerous, but they certainly are distracting!  Not one energy flow supports another, and they all may very well cancel each other out in the end, kind of like the way a strategically set fire can help tame a fire that is out of control.  Then, we will have stillness!  Not very Fire-y, eh? 

I am just back from YTT Intensive 6.  I’m tired, but this was another great day, learned a lot and practiced like crazy.

And yes, true to my spread today, I’ve had several Aha! Moments. 

The first has to do with Ayurveda.  The book on our required reading list presents a new way of viewing the human being.  I have thus far been seeing the life essence as the animating force of the physical body, but now I am seeing that the physical body is also the manifestation of the life force.  Some may say I’m splitting hairs here, but this is important to me.  Yes, the life essence **is** the animating force of the physical body, and that animation is the Effect that creates the Cause that is the physically alive entity that is “me.”  But according to Ayurveda, that physical body is also an Effect, an Effect that is being created by the workings of the Cause that is the life force!  I am sitting here, typing this blog entry because my life force is causing my physical body to do so.  I have brown hair and brown eyes, a craving for soft ice cream and cake icing, and a tendency for wide hips because **that** is how my life force manifests itself.  That is such an interesting Cause/Effect relationship!

The second Aha! Moment of the day happened while I was watching a Leslie Kaminoff video on the Koshas.  Kaminoff stated that anyone can benefit from Yoga; as long as you breathe and move, Yoga can help better your life.  Then, he explained and demonstrated how simple arm movements can connect the different Koshas (or “sheathes”; Annamaya or food-apparent sheath, Pranamaya or air-apparent sheath, Manomaya, or mindstuff-apparent sheath, Vijnanamaya, or wisdom-apparent sheath, and Andanamaya, or bliss-apparent sheath) and thus, reduce blockages and imbalances.  Yesss!  Okay, my mind knows this to be true, but there is a difference between “knowing” and “getting” the concept.  Now I get it!


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