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October 3, 2016: Summing up the Watchers

October 3, 2016:

My Dreams of Gaia card is another Earth card, the Three of Earth.  The keywords for this card are ambition, sowing seeds, groundwork, energy investment, fertility, outcomes, and sacrifice.  The Three of Earth represents preparation within the correspondences of the element of Earth, and also the sacrifices we make in order for our preparations to be the best they can be.  The LWB for this deck reminds me that “the outcome can only be equal to the investment you are willing to make in the here and now.”  Important advice, eh?  Foundation is important, but so is fortitude, the willingness to hang in there to the end.  Sounds like yesterday’s advice. 

Now that I’ve made it through all four Watchers, it might be time to begin to sum up what I’ve learned about each of them.  I happen to find keywords quite valuable, and so I will begin with two keywords for each Watcher, one a positive focus and one a warning. 

Haftorang, Watcher of the North, is about the Earthly effects of the four elements taken to the next level.  My keywords that will act as a focus for Haftorang are “magick/alchemy” and “bad choices/selections.”  I love working with the elements of our world and I love learning about the way those elements support or conflict with each other, and I love experiencing the manifestations that happen through interactions of the elements.  That is my positive focus.  Magickal or alchemical workings depend mightily on the ingredients chosen by the magician or alchemist for the working; bad choices (my warning) can end the working without achieving the desired results.

Satevis, Watcher of the West, is about the element of Water and its correspondences, and the ways that Water manifest and affect my entire life.  These manifestations can be connected to feelings, emotions, visions, divination, or purity, as well as heaviness, flexibility, and even shapeshifting (because water assumes the shape of its container).  I will use the word “feelings” to represent all of these correspondences.  My positive focus for Satevis is “strong feelings.”  That is what she brings to me.  The warning is “obstinacy,” an ever-present danger when working with strong feelings.

Venant, Watcher of the South, is about the element of Fire and its correspondences.  Power, leadership, passion, courage and violence are all manifestations of the correspondences of Fire within the human experience, and Venant offers all of these and more to me.  My positive focus here is “alertness,” a necessary skill for dealing with Fire and all of its correspondences and manifestations.  My warning is “revenge”; when we feel passionate about something and it is taken away for us, that passion can often turn negative and harmful. 

Tishtya, Watcher of the East, is about the element of Air and its correspondences, and about the workings of the mind and the intellect.  Tishtya often is said to predict success, usually achieved through the passing of some kind of test.  That means ethics, learning, focus, practice, discipline, and dealing in a positive way with loss are all important here; after all, Tishtya is said to be the origin of the phrase “hitting the bull’s eye.”  My positive focus for the Watcher of the East is “integrity”; my warning is “test.” 


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