Tuesday, December 6, 2016

October 11, 2016: Fermentation continues

The Seneschal reversed is my Dreams of Gaia card for today, and the keywords for The Seneschal are servant, administrator, mediator, justice, law, organized, trustworthy and loyal.  When upright this card tells us that we have authority in this life (either perceived authority or actual authority), and we need to use our authority wisely because in the end, we also answer to “someone.” Because my card is reversed, I am being warned.  Perhaps I am giving loyalty to the wrong person today, or I could be falling prey to mob mentality.  I should remember that even if I respect my leader, if he or she asks me to do something wrong, I need to say no.  I am not willing to sacrifice the tough lessons I’ve learned in this life unless the sacrifice is very worthy.  My goal is to Harm None, to create the highest good for all, including me.

I feel as if the massage I had over the weekend has released more than my shoulders.  The Fermentation process is definitely beginning.  As I described, alcohol is the result of a process of Fermentation, and alcohol is often seen as representing Spirit and Spiritual ecstasy (heck, booze is known as “spirits”), and I am feeling spiritual ecstasy on a regular basis these days.  As soon as I begin my personal Yoga practice, energy fills me, beautiful and potent energy, and this energy stays with me.  I wake up filled with this lovely, comfortable stuff, and go to bed still surrounded by it.  I was a bit apprehensive about the process of Fermentation, but so far it is not uncomfortable at all.


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