Sunday, December 4, 2016

October 9, 2016: Deep Tissue!

Today I treated myself to a massage, the first full-body massage I have received in literally decades.  I did not plan on my two hour massage being deep tissues, but apparently that is what I needed.  I asked the bodyworker, a young man named Nicholas, to follow his instincts, and once he started working on my shoulders, he could tell I needed some deep work.

Ouch.  That hurts!  But even on the way home from the spa, I could feel that my shoulders had opened up a lot.  I know the theory behind deep tissue massage; I work with fascia all the time.  I know that it hurts.  I just did not know that the results would be so amazing, and so immediate.  And I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, because I purchased three more hour massages.

My Dreams of Gaia card today is the King of Earth, the ruler of the suit.  The keywords for this card are virile, successful, industrious, devoted, steadfast, authoritative, reliable, and dedicated.  The King of Earth is surrounded by a kingdom that is secure, comfortable and wealthy, and people that are content, healthy and happy.  Outsiders might think that this King is sitting pretty because he is lucky, because circumstances have fallen into place with little effort on his part, but that is because he makes ruling this kingdom look easy.  In the end, all this good stuff happens because he did his homework, because he has been dedicated, focused, and not afraid of hard work.  He shares his success without hesitation, and he does not worry that others will take credit for what he has accomplished.  Hmmm . . . might be a message here for me.


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