Friday, December 2, 2016

October 5, 2016: Back to reality

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the Four of Air reversed.  The keywords for the upright card are structure, routine, order, patterns, discipline, organization, understanding, and productivity.  This card in an upright position describes the benefits of being organized, of getting rid of clutter, and following a plan or routine.  If my Four of Air was upright, this would be a good time to implement new habits, but since my card is reversed, distractions may be pulling me away from what needs to be accomplished.  These distractions could be events, or they could be people.  Boundaries and work ethic are both very important to me, and if someone is pulling me away from them I need to be certain they have a real good reason for their efforts.

We are moving away from the effects of the recent Black Moon and my time in the Yellow Phase seems to be ending.  I am feeling more myself; I’ve been doing my daily Yoga practice and I am back to attending regular classes.  I am drinking lots of infused waters, using consumable essential oils, and really trying to detox myself as much as possible.  Of course, this works well during the week but weekends are difficult.  No matter, I am doing my personal Yoga practice every day, an hour (minimum) of Yin and a half hour of Sun Salutations and Warrior flows.


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