Saturday, December 3, 2016

October 8, 2016; The beginning of discomforts of Fermentation

Happy Friday!  My Dreams of Gaia card today is the Ace of Earth, and I am being brought back to the beginning of my understanding of this suit.  The keywords for my Ace are new beginnings, goals, motivation, desire, preparations, opportunity, education, security, potential reward, and potential consequences.  Aces represent new beginnings, new manifestations of the correspondences of the suit, and this Ace is no exception.  The Ace of Earth also tells of change (which is often the catalyst that requires new beginnings), change that is connected to a career or to the home front.  This change could have something to do with finances, or with security, and preparing for the coming change might enable me to lessen any associated stresses.  I do need to be practical and realistic, however; perhaps doing a bit of research before jumping into a situation head-first might be well-advised.

I am feeling more and more of my energy field as I do my Yin Yoga, such lovely energy that urges me onward and deeper into my practice.  I’ve been wondering if it is time to move on to the next phase of the Alchemic Great Work.  Perhaps I will listen to my Earth card of potential, and start talking about the next phase, Fermentation.

In chemical terms, Fermentation means the transformation of organic compounds into something new by the introduction of fermenting bacteria.  Of course, the most well-known process of Fermentation is that used to create alcohol.  The Putrefaction of the Yellow Phase is an important first step for the Fermentation process, because the organic matter needs to begin to decay in order for Fermentation to happen naturally.  In many cases, a chemist, vintner or brewer can add yeast in order to jump start the process.

When true Fermentation begins, the dead and decomposing matter seems to come magickally back to life again!  Things begin churning and bubbling, and all kinds of things boil up.  Ugh, I didn’t remember that this phase offered such discomfort.

A more benign metaphor for this phase is the incubation of a bird’s eggs.  Heat is applied and the embryos develop, until there is no more room in the eggs and the baby birds burst forth.  Okay, there is discomfort in this symbol, too.  Sounds like the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting.


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