Thursday, December 29, 2016

October 26, 2016: First day in California, walking the labyrinth

I arrived yesterday in California, had lunch in Sausolito with Ellen, my sister-in-law, and then went to an interesting presentation at Mills College, created by an artist friend of Ellen’s.  I crashed and burned by about 9 pm local time (midnight my time zone), which is usual and customary for me when I fly west.

Today, we hiked in the hills of Oakland at Sibley Park on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and even walked a labyrinth.  The labyrinth was located in a small canyon that was positively magickal.  I felt the presence of some Earth elementals for sure, and a hint of something else.

My Dreams of Gaia card for my first full day in California is the Nine of Water reversed. The Dreams of Gaia Nine of Waters is a beautiful card, beautiful in its darkness and severity.  The card shows the image of a woman surrounded by the darkness of night, looking upward towards a glimmering silver light.  Colors are absent (almost the way that moonlight bleaches out or changes color), and shadows are everywhere.  The keywords for this card are illumination, acceptance, openness, emotional enlightenment, strength, courage, fear and ignorance.  This card in an upright position reminds us that emotions of all kinds leave imprints on our hearts, minds, and even our physical bodies, and thus they can have long-lasting impacts.  These impacts can be either subconscious or conscious in nature, and it is often the subconscious imprints that cause the most problems.  The solution is to look to the light and allow love to heal.  This is not a pleasant process, but because my Nine of Water is reversed, I need to be aware that I just might not want to deal with all this stuff now; after all I’m on vacation.  Yeah, I can hear Satevis laughing.


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