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October 27, 2016: Vallejo and Brugmansia

October 27, 2016:

My Dreams of Gaia card is the Eleven of Water, one of the balancing and realignment cards of this deck.  This one is titled “Emotion/Intellect” and these are the two opposites focused upon.  The keywords for this card are emotion/intellect, love, fear, expression, suppression, head, heart, ease, and dis-ease.  This card asks us to determine what motivates us, fear or love.  In the end, the answer is usually that both motivate us.  Live is never all pleasant or easily predicted, and this card asks us to remember that if we balance as much as we can, and suppress the least, we will be able to express all emotions in a healthy and beneficial way.

Today we walked around Ellen’s neighborhood so I could look at all the great plants growing in front yards.  There are houses with jade plants as shrubs, and all kinds of cactus and succulents of all shapes and sizes growing all over the place.  Then I had a huge moment of “yay!!” because I saw brughmansias growing in yards!  I saw several that were the size of small trees with lovely yellow flowers.  Gorgeous!!  Ellen then said that if I enjoyed walking the neighborhood that much, we needed to go to the University of California botanical gardens.  OMG, I was in heaven!   Then I relocated to Vallejo.


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