Tuesday, November 29, 2016

October 2, 2016: The Peacock's Tail

One alchemic symbol for the Yellow Phase state is the peacock’s tail.  The peacock’s tail was chosen because of the many iridescent colors that shimmer within the long, graceful feathers, and because of the brilliant blue, green, gold and red “eyes” on those feathers, eyes that see past the distraction of the shimmering colors in order to perceive that which is hidden.  The "eyes" on the peacock's tail are also thought to represent all universes and the iridescence of its colors the entire spectrum of light that reflects the infinite dimensions of consciousness.

My job now is to begin the process of becoming aware of the many facets or colors of my soul, and then integrating them permanently into my conscious self.  I’ve read that sometimes this stage is not entirely pleasant at first; I need to persevere through the discomfort in order to perceive the full display of the marvelous colors of the peacock's tail.

The Dreams of Gaia Ten of Earth has returned yet again. The image on the Ten of Earth has quiet feel, a pause perhaps to accept that I have fulfilled the promise of the Earth cards.  This is not vanity, but rather an acknowledgement that my hard work is paying off and I am integrating what I have learned into my day-to-day life. The keywords for this card, synthesis, harmony, reward, inner peace, grace, highest good, and authenticity, validate that.  There is another important message to be found here, hinted at within the image.  The woman, who is so immersed in the many beings and varied experiences of the physical world that her skin is turning green in places, holds a mask in her hands.  That mask almost looks animal in nature.  She is telling me two things: be myself and celebrate who I am, and know that my work is allowing me to “become” another being in order to experience empathy and to know first-hand that we are all connected.

Perhaps this time the Ten of Earth is telling me to continue hanging in there through the discomfort, because soon enough it will all come together.


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