Sunday, November 6, 2016

September 18, 2016: the King of Water and Conjunction

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the King of Water.  I love that the animal on this one is the seahorse, because it is the male seahorse who nurtures the eggs and in the end, gives birth to the young.   Indeed, one of the messages of this card is to let go of gender bias.  The keywords for the King of Water are calm, contemplative, insightful, fluid, balanced, protective, and nurturing, as well as jealousy and possessiveness.  This King is sensitive and thoughtful, but not weak or soft.  He is strong, and confident enough to be both mother and father to those he loves.  Because he can unite critical thinking with emotional logic, he is also good at looking within his own self with compassion.  He can make a sound decision based on logic, but also taking into account the emotions and feelings surrounding an issue.  He also understands that emotions and gender are two entirely separate issues. 

I’m still working my way through the alchemical stage of Conjunction.  This time, I can feel new ideas and habits being consciously chosen and deliberately infused into my being.  I really can change myself by making use of intentions and my Will.  Yes, this is the purpose, described in the second Rubric of the Emerald Tablet: That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below.  This stage offers a glimpse of the Machinery of the Universe, a spiritual connection to Deity or the Higher Self; these personal experiences are both from without and from within.  Conjunction also offers us an opportunity to accept our own self, just as she or he is right now.  It teaches us that the mistakes of our past have brought us right here, and thus there is value to be had from those mistakes.  They are the catalysts that have helped to create who we are, right at this moment. 

Second-guessing myself has always been painful, and my hindsight is most definitely 20/20.  Brutal honesty has its place, but so does mercy, compassion and empathy.  Perhaps my King of Water can show me that being gentle does not necessarily mean being weak.

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