Tuesday, November 22, 2016

September 29, 2016: Black Moon and Conjunction

I took a quick glance to remind myself about the Conjunction process because for the last few days I have felt kind of heavy in my mind.  This is not so much a fog as it is flirting with depression.  I have a feeling I know what is going on. 

First of all, tomorrow is a Black Moon.  A Black Moon is similar to a Blue Moon, except it deals with the new moon rather than the full moon.  The new (or dark) moon can represent a time of rest, or a time to plant new seeds (after clearing the ground during the waning moon).  Having a second new moon in a month can double the fertility available.  This time, the moon is in the astrological sign of Libra. 

Libra is about balance, partnerships created and maintained through cooperation, and about a focus on other people rather than just on the self.  Relationships are maintained through the use of the intellect and through communications focused on forming partnerships and maintaining harmony.  Libra corresponds with the planet Venus and with the element of Air. Libra is a Cardinal Sign, ready to forge ahead with plans and attract effective supporters, engaging the world in a dynamic way.  Because Libra is Cardinal Air, this sign initiates through new ideas, and by being a balancing force among people.

The second contribution to my lack of serenity and optimism is that I am shifting from the Conjunction process to the Fermentation process.  In the Great Work, successfully passing through the phase of Conjunction is a prerequisite for moving forward.  Perhaps we can see Conjunction as being on the edge of something similar to the Abyss, for Conjunction is the final segment representing the work of Below, which focuses on physical matter, habits and thoughts.  On the other side of that Abyss is the beginning of the work of Above, and that means moving forward needs to be a conscious decision on my part.  This is a dangerous time within the Great Work, for the new attitudes or the increased confidence or optimism created by the efforts so far need to be able to survive in my every-day life and all its responsibilities, stresses and distractions.

If this shift is successful, I not only will find myself moving into Fermentation, but I will also be moving away from the White Phase (the birth of the new personality and the washing away of the ashes of the Black Phase) and toward the Red Phase, where the new personality is assimilated into conscious awareness.  If I have done a good job so far and truly released the impurities revealed to me, new “ingredients” will be introduced.

My Dreams of Gaia card for today, the Seven of Air reversed, is offering more clarification.  The image of this card is mostly black and white, symbolizing its main focus: belief and dogma.  The key words for this card are spirituality, religion, politics, personal dogma, atheism, fundamentalism, indoctrination and kindness.  In an upright position, the Seven of Air represents the realms of spiritual belief, religious practices, and personal dogma, and the way these things manifest in our lives and influence our thoughts, words and actions.  Our beliefs can have a huge impact on our lives; they can bring about confidence, serenity, good health and a sense of well-being, or they can create conflict, place us at odds with those in our life, and create wars, both in our own sphere of existence and throughout the world.  We manifest what we believe, and my Seven of Air is letting me know that there is some imbalance present today within my belief system and the way it manifests.  My personal belief system could very well be closing my mind today rather than opening it, and I do need to be very aware of this as I interact today. 


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