Monday, November 14, 2016

September 24, 2016: Wood and air meridians compared

September 24, 2016:

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the King of Air, again.  The King of Air represents a fair yet stern leader who is educated, with vast knowledge at his disposal and wisdom learned from his every-day experiences.  He is imposing and a bit intimidating because he is formal, but because of his deep spiritual beliefs, he is also compassionate.  The King of Air believes that rules are made to be followed and he is not easily corrupted or lured into unethical behavior.  While he can be a bit rigid, his final judgment is fair and is delivered without the distraction of any emotions.  I am being reminded today that I should not allow myself to be drawn into unnecessary arguments.  I need to adhere to the rules, and to my own ethical code, without pushing boundaries, and I need to attempt to keep emotions out of the events and decisions of the day.  I would be better off asking for expert advice instead. 

Maybe today would be a good day to compare the two Wood/Air meridians.  Both meridians are connected to expansion, wind, deciding, and the season of Spring.  Both meridians are connected to anger, however the liver meridian is more about internal anger, while the gall bladder meridian is more about outer anger, and adds in the influence of compassion.  The liver meridian connects more to planning, processing and organizational parts of the process of deciding, while the gall bladder meridian focuses more on motivation or catalyst.


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