Saturday, November 5, 2016

September 16, 2016: Eurus and the lunar eclipse

Today is the full moon, and there is a lunar eclipse.  This is a powerful day with powerful energies!  The full moon is seen as the end of a cycle of growth, a time of peak power and pause with the next step being the beginning of degeneration.  This particular full moon is in Pisces, the 12th or last sign of the astrological cycle.  Pisces is a mutable sign (read: able to go with the flow and deal with changes) that corresponds with intuition, feelings and emotions, an inner focus, and duality (the symbol of this sign is two fish opposing each other). This full moon is also close to Mabon, the Fall Equinox and the beginning of longer nights, and we turn our focus toward the approaching Winter months. 

Interesting that my Dreams of Gaia card for today is the Two of Air reversed.  The image on this one is similar to the Ten of Air from the other day in that half of the card is dark and the other half is light, but the lack of ornamentation or detail in this image tells me that it is presenting a concept, rather than presenting a summing-up of a concept.  The keywords for this card are duality, polarity, separation, unity, dichotomy, integration, choice, and the big picture.  In an upright position, the Two of Air presents the concepts of duality and polarity.  Duality is defined here as two opposing forces that come together to create chaos (or perhaps, a dynamic balance).  If we think of positive and negative poles, we get the idea.  These two poles are opposing, and they repel each other; in doing so, they create motion, maybe even chaos (depending on the situation).  Polarity also recognizes the concept of duality, however it sees these two opposing forces as a part of the whole, with each extreme dependent upon the other for existence.  The example given is a magnet; it has a positive pole and a negative pole, but if you take one pole away, you don’t have a magnet any more.  The card is reminding me duality tends to divide, while polarity tends to unite.  They are neither good nor bad on their own; seeing through the eyes of duality just creates an either/or viewpoint, while polarity brings the possibility of “both.”  Upright, the Two of Air tells me that I might need to choose between the two.  Reversed, the card is reminding me that being too rigid might end up causing me to miss something important.  Yes, there are situations that require an either/or choice, but most of the time we benefit from seeing the whole picture with non-judgmental senses.  I just might find out in the end that there is no absolute right, and there is no absolute wrong.

The entire day seems to be presenting the concept of change, but these energies are asking me to be aware of three things: where I’ve come from, where I am now, and what might be ahead.

A bit of info about my Elemental Guide of Air: Eurus, the east wind, was considered the bringer of bad storms; he was called Vulturnus by the Romans.  Euros is seen as male, and is said to bring both warmth and rain.  Eurus appears to me as a slender man with sharp features, light blue eyes, and long medium brown hair, usually wearing a hooded cloak of grayish blue.  His hair and the cloak always flutter gently in a breeze, even if I am not feeling the air moving at all. 


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