Monday, November 28, 2016

October 1, 2016: Yellow Phase and manifestation

October 1, 2016: 

The King of Water!  Finally, a non-Earth card, but another repeat. The keywords for the King of Water are calm, contemplative, insightful, fluid, balanced, protective, and nurturing, as well as jealousy and possessiveness.  This King is sensitive and thoughtful, but not weak or soft.  He is strong, and confident enough to be both mother and father to those he loves.  Because he can unite critical thinking with emotional logic, he is also good at looking within his own self, with compassion and without judgment.  He can make a sound decision based on logic, but also taking into account the emotions and feelings surrounding an issue.  He also understands that emotions and gender are two entirely separate issues.

The King of Water also tells of a time of calm and peace, and a place where I can just be me and exist on my own timetable.  I don’t get to do that very often, so I will gladly create this kind of pause for myself.  Since I am alone this weekend, I should be able to make this happen.

I read a bit more about the Citrinitas (Yellow) Phase.  We can consider the Black Phase as ignorance, the White Phase as reflection (the thought process, not the mirror image) and idealization; the Yellow Phase is the process of manifesting those ideals, and the approaching Red Phase represents those moments of fulfillment when those ideals shine through the dark cloak of the material world.  Glimpses of the Machinery of the Universe?  Perhaps; I’m hoping.  But first I must get past Putrefaction. 

"Putrefaction is so effective that it destroys the old nature and form of the rotting bodies; it transmutes them into a new state of being to give them a totally new fruit. Everything that has life, dies; everything that is dead putrefies and finds a new life." (Pernety, 1758)


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