Thursday, September 25, 2014


Five of Wands reversed/The Magician reversed. The Five of Wands, which corresponds with Saturn (discipline, responsibility, law and order) in Leo (“I am, passionate, dramatic, egotistical) indicates a struggle caused by annoying cross-purposes when the card is upright.  Of course, this discomfort could be caused by growing pains, as well.  My card is reversed today, so serenity rather than irritation may be the word of the day.  The Magician corresponds with Air (hot/separates and wet/adapts, and quick and animated energy which usually presents problems or challenges), Mercury (reason, intelligence, orderliness, communication), Beth (house; builder) and the Path between Binah (female, receptive energy and the origin of form and structure) and Kether (the source, limitless possibility).  The Magician works hard to perfect his abilities, to make use of those abilities in unexpected ways, and to focus and carry through to the end of a task (which is pretty important to him).  This card is personally significant to me, and since he represents the manifestation of tangible knowledge (and the ability to control that manifestation), and since he is reversed, today may not be a day for consciously using the skills I have honed over the years.

My Thoth cards are The Chariot and The Emperor reversed. My only upright card today, The Chariot, which corresponds with Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts, and sensitive, emotional and imaginative energy that likes to stay the same or follow the same course), Cancer (“I feel,” sensitive, tenacious, nurturing, moody), Cheth (the fence), and the Path between Geburah (the place where forms and structure are challenged or affirmed) and Binah (female receptive energy and the origin of form and structure), tells of having the control necessary to focus on goals, and to avoid distractions.  My Chariot tells me that today is the day for me to be the driver, because I can control those contrary horses that are offering me mobility (if I can get them all moving in the same direction). I am also being told that I need to get to places today, and if I seriously want to go to bed tonight with my To-Do list accomplished, I need to get with the program.  The Emperor corresponds with Fire (hot/separates and dry/shapes, and spontaneous, impulsive, energetic change), Aries (“I want,” action oriented, assertive, competitive) and the Hebrew letter Heh (window, illumination), represents confidence, authority, and the archetype of the Father.  The Emperor instills balance, form and structure onto the fertility and creations of The Empress, an important task.  The Emperor says that the best way to make the day have a happy ending is to follow the rules, get things done on time, and encourage others to do the same, and he does his best to guide and protect others so they may do so.  Both The Chariot and The Emperor are about imposing personal Will onto a situation, but since my Emperor is reversed, today may not be completely about the higher good of those looking to me for authority.  I might be herding cats today, and that takes a strong (and sometimes ruthless) hand.  Also, perhaps the accomplishment of my personal goals (achieved by shutting out the needs of others) will in the end serve everyone.

My Legacy card is the Knight of Swords reversed, flavored by The Star reversed. The Knight of Swords (the cusp of Taurus, “I have,” sensual, stubborn, cautious, and Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, dual, intelligent) is outspoken, assured, alert, and logical, as well as rude, domineering, critical and sarcastic.  His daring and courage are impressive, but he can also be disruptive, too.  While all of the Knights can be considered as mercinaries, the Knight of Swords truly personifies this career.  My Knight is reversed today, perhaps in order to highlight the differences between the Knight and The Chariot.  My Knight does not use emotions and a connection to the inner landscape in order to accomplish his tasks, and that lack could be dangerous.  My reversed Knight is being flavored by another reversed card, The Star reversed. Upright, The Star (Air, hot/separates and wet/adapts; Aquarius, “I know,” friendships, cause-oriented, the group, aloofness; Tzaddi, fishhook; the Path between Malkuth, the physical world of action and outer, physical reality, and Netzach, the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration) is the “good will to all” card, and while it can hint at some unexpected darkness, it also reminds us that things will turn out okay in the end.  The upright Star reminds us to have faith, for while it may seem to be the darkest night, the dawn is just beyond the horizon.  But my Star is reversed, and once again I am being told that focusing outward on the needs of those around me, no matter how altruistic my intentions may be, will end up derailing the whole shebang.

My 6-digit date number is 2, the number of balance, polarity, and the energy of “distance between.”

My horoscopes: “Paging Team Sag! Today's New Moon in social Libra and your 11th house of community turns you into a veritable activities director. But don't squander the only Libra New Moon of the year on trifles like Scrabble tourneys. Use your organizational skills and innate charisma to get people to sign on to your next big thing. Since the 11th house also rules technology, this is the perfect moment to launch an e-venture, design a mobile app or rework your own website.

And: “You have a great deal of energy and self-confidence at this time, which may be wonderful and exciting, but keep in mind that it also may put you at greater risk for dangerous experiences and accidents. You may find that you are much more aggressive in all your actions, especially when someone crosses you on an emotional level. An emotional irritation may manifest in physical ways in the form of reckless behavior while driving, or an explosive argument with someone who is undeserving of your anger.


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