Monday, May 19, 2014


Transparent Oracle Sunday!

54, Guide: Giant (Below).  The direction of Below is not easily associated with spirituality, yet it is a powerful symbol representing the opportunity to create a strong foundation, and to connect to the tools and powers of the Underworld.  Giant corresponds quite a bit with the element of Earth and Earth energies, and is about the stability of the ground below us, and about the huge geological forces that formed our world and even now, changes it.  In most fairy tales, the Giant ends up being a great big bump in the road for the hero of the tale, and without these kinds of challenges, we would never get the chance to be brave or to see if we have courage.

40, Elemental: Gnome (North). North is the direction of Earth, and thus of the physical or physically formed or manifested world, and of nurturing, health, finances and security, and the wisdom associated with living simply, being well-grounded, and being in touch with our physical body.  The Gnome is about hard work, strength and patience; Gnome is the guardian of the Earth who meets each responsibility fully and completely; he may appear serious, but he is capable of some mischief.  And woe is the person who damages what he guards! 

49, Saturn (Above). The direction of Above takes us up and out of the four traditional elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and reminds us that we are but a small part of the Cosmos.  Above also reminds us that while the Machinery of the Universe is huge, it does have an effect on each of us, and each of us is an important part of the workings of that Machinery.  The planet Saturn is about structure and boundaries, and about constricting energies within a particular format, often involving time. 

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  Hmmmm . . . Giants are looking inward, Gnomes are looking outward, and Saturn patrols the outer perimeter.  I am being told that there may be a huge challenge happening for me, most likely in the sphere of influence of the element of Earth.  I need to remember that often, a spell takes time to manifest, and dreams do not become reality the moment I awaken.  As I am guarding my dream and working toward manifestation, if a challenge appears, no matter how big or seemingly insurmountable that challenge may be, I must tell myself that the challenge has a purpose.  I should also remember that the rules of another are in place for a reason, and I must respect those rules, even if they seem to be thwarting me.

I spent the entire weekend at an advanced Yoga intensive, learning how to offer Yoga to cancer survivors. I am excited about the potential to give back to the Yoga community that has changed my life, and to the people who are struggling with much more difficult challenges than I am.  I enjoyed being with like-minded people. 

Back to reality!


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