Friday, May 26, 2017

January 3, 2017: A brief pause while I pack and move

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the Ten of Earth.  I’ve had this one numerous times since beginning to work with this deck, both upright and reversed.  The image on this one is serene, filled with bounty; I am particularly drawn to the Mona Lisa smile on the girl in the image; just the tiniest uplift of the corner of her mouth is the only evidence of the serenity, peace and confidence within..  The keywords for this one are synthesis, harmony, reward, inner peace, grace, highest good, and authenticity.  The message is clear: after making it successfully through all of the Earth cards thus far, we have achieved balance in all aspects of life – career, home, family, self – and they are all coming together as an integrated whole, reflecting the well-being and connectiveness within.  This card also tells me that at least for now, I’ve created a balance between home, career, and family, a balance that is sourced from some hard work on my part.  

This balance will be my foundation over the next three or four months, as I prepare to move.  After all, the best way too deal with a huge change in life is with confidence and a strong foundation.  

I will return once my move is completed and I am ready to complete the Great Work.


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