Sunday, May 14, 2017

December 9, 2016: What would Deity do?

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the King of Fire!  Nice progression, eh?  The keywords for the King of Fire are proactive, dauntless, inspirational, vital, powerful, passionate, charismatic, and involved.  This card reminds me that passion is a vital part of any creative endeavor, but so is the ability to ground and focus.  By combining these three things, passion, grounding and focus, I can accomplish miracles.  Nothing worth doing is easy, and the King of Fire is the perfect person to help me to achieve the impossible.  He also reminds me that I can’t accomplish wonders on my own.  I need to have a team, but I need to do my part as well.  

The majority of my interactions, particularly those interactions that happen with adversarial parties, are being accomplished with the concept of Fermentation in one corner of my brain.  It is interesting that if I do my best to keep Deity involved in the process (a kind of “what would Deity do?” before speaking or acting), it is easier and easier for me to remember to attempt to walk in the other side’s shoes before choosing a response. My basic methods of perception are actually changing.  I am allowing myself, no encouraging myself, to be inspired by Deity.  In the end, this is exactly what Fermentation is.  

This change feels tenuous and fragile.  I am nervous with stating that I have mastered the Fermentation process in this round of the Great Work.  We never truly master these kinds of processes; one entire life is not enough time to do that.  But we need to wring everything possible from the process before moving onward.  That is what I am doing now.


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