Saturday, May 13, 2017

December 6, 2016: Choices, Discomfort and Change

I saw a bald eagle yesterday at mile marker 49, when driving back from Cape May.  This was the first one I’ve seen in a long time!

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is another upright Six card, the Six of Air.  The keywords for this card are solutions, comparisons, compromise, open-mindedness, mindfulness, illumination, epiphany, and personal power.  This card tells me that now is the time to create a powerful and effective compromise that is created not as an either/or or black/white kind of situation, but rather through interviews and research, through considering many possibilities and their many possible manifestations and consequences.  I am being reminded that every choice I make today will have a tangible effect going forward.  This means I have immense power at my fingertips, and just the awareness of the potential of this power I have can change my future.  The down side (and there is always a down side) is that I am responsible, and I can’t blame anyone but myself if I am not happy with the results.  

The image on the Six of Air is somewhat similar to the image on the Two of Air.  Both cards are half dark and half white and they both represent the idea of choices.  The difference between them is that the Two of Air has no other color; it presents duality (which separates) and polarity (which joins), and the Six of Air infuses color to the image.  The Six also infuses the idea of the written word, and the idea of compassion; it infuses the idea of the effects of the chakras, and the effects of input of Deity.  More choices, more sources of information are available here.  

My horoscope this week presented by Chani Nicholas offers the following: "Break with the personal traditions that bind you to limited ideas about yourself, but reinvent the traditions that you need to keep. This is an extremely creative period you are entering. Do what you can to support its visions and follow its leads.”  I love the idea that I am entering a creative period!  Choices, many powerful choices, are available to me, and if my card throws are any indication, I am doing the work to access the best of these choices.  And isn’t this just what Fermentation offers me?  Perhaps I am ready to accept the discomfort that is a part of these positive changes.  Yes, I do tend to cling to comfortable situations, and I do need to have confidence in my understanding of a concept or task or belief.  But sticking only to what I know brings stagnation.  

Time to allow Fermentation to churn and bubble!


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