Thursday, May 11, 2017

December 3, 2016: The Peacock's Tail?

Things are happening within me.  The “breakdown of cohesion” that is Putrefaction is causing a sloughing-off of the unnecessary.  This is happening in my physical world (as I prepare to move on April 1) and in my spiritual world (as I decide what is worth keeping within my personal Practice and what is no longer serving me.  The cool thing is that for the most part, the empty spaces being created as I unload the unnecessary are being filled with a renewed awareness of energy, a renewed awareness of entities not of the physical world, and a renewed awareness of my Guides and of the Sacred Essence that is Goddess and God.  

This morning I woke up, started the coffee, and went for a walk.  It is December 3rd, and yet there are flowers in bloom, mostly roses.  Before heading out, I walked my garden, and to my amazement I found two different rose bushes in bloom (a pink rose with a delicious fragrance, and a flower and another bud on my yellow hybrid), and a bright orange Gerber daisy.  I left to walk toward the beach, and was amazed to find that my flowers are not the only ones in bloom; there are rose bushes covered with blossoms all over the place!

The sky is a brilliant blue, flowers are blooming, the air is crisp and clean.  My mind became clear as well, and for the first time in weeks I connected with Ailm, one of my Guides.  Coincidentally, she had mentioned to me earlier in the Fall that she and Bear were not making the journey into the mountains this year, and they were instead choosing to spend the winter at the ocean community.  I realized that she and Bear had made the decision to relocate right before The Hubs and I made that decision.  The message was there all the time; I just missed it!

Colors.  All the colors around me seem brighter, more vibrant . . . alive.  Is this the Peacock’s Tail??

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the Six of Earth.  The keywords for the Six of Earth card are family, community, responsibility, duty, service, self-sacrifice, protection, dependability, and martyrdom.  This card reminds us of duty, duty to ourselves, duty to our families and loved ones, and duty to those who depend on us in some way for attention and care; this duty includes a more wide-reaching duty to nature, to our environment, and to Deity.  I need to become the best person I can be, because who I am has an effect on my immediate environment.  I share this world with many, many other life forms and because I have an effect on the environment just by existing, I have a huge responsibility to manifest myself with awareness, with compassion, with the intent to cause no harm and for the highest good of all.  The Six of Earth reminds me that while these intentions should always be a part of my day, right now they are personally important, and I need to pay attention.  

The interesting thing about the image on this card (which reminds me of Haftorang), is that the being is chained to a yoke by cuffs on his wrists, with the yoke on his massive shoulders.  Around his neck is a torc held in place by a padlock, and below that a chain on which is strung the key for that lock.  He holds a bowl of fruit and grains in one hand, and a hand scythe in the other.  The symbolism here is simple and quite powerful: we are bound to the Earth whether we like it or not, but if we embrace that bond, take responsibility for it, and agree to do the work necessary to maintain that which we are responsible for, we will have access to the harvest that will come, to the fruits of our labors.  



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