Thursday, October 13, 2016

September 8, 2016: the Four of Fire

My Dreams of Gaia Minor card today is the Four of Fire reversed.  The image on this one is cool, an archer, dressed in fiery reds and oranges, with most of her face (except for her eyes) covered by a scarf and with a hood resembling a bird of prey.  The archer’s bow is drawn taunt and her arrow is poised for flight, and her aim is very intense and focused.  The keywords for this card are action, concentration, focused energy, practice, increased skill, application, impetus and work ethic.  The card tells of a deliberate action that is accomplished by having a mind sharply focused and having skills honed to perfection.  And the story of this card is not just about the mind, it is also about physical manifestations of these disciplines.  My Four of Fire is reversed; this is hinting to me that some release of energy might fall short of its target, or might be swayed away from straight-and-true either by something I can control and fix, or by something out of my control.  I am being told that vigilance is even more important now; if I pay attention, I just might be able to nudge things back in the direction that is required. 

Okay, I think I get the message for this one.  The laser aim and concentrated focus (without the distraction of peripheral vision) is sometimes very useful, but not in this situation.  If I focus my intensity through a pinhole, I might miss the influence of other forces or effects.  If I believe my aim is true but in reality it is not, I will miss the intended target, and maybe end up losing the day.  This message has personal significance to me, particularly because the situation involves anger and hurt.  I need to remember that the situation might not be as it appears, and if I let loose some arrows in the heat of anger, they might hit the wrong target.


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