Sunday, October 23, 2016

September 12, 2016: Conjunction and the Lesser Stone

More about Conjunction.  The cool thing about this step is that, if everything has been done correctly so far, I end up with a Lesser Stone (the object of the Great Work is to create the Philosopher’s Stone); this Stone should give me a good idea what steps I should take in order to successfully finalize the whole process in a permanent way.  This successful combining of essences is known as the Sacred Marriage, and this marriage is fruitful.  The marriage combines the essences of the soul and the spirit, with the soul corresponding with matter, passivity, contraction, bodily sensations, and emotions and the spirit corresponding with energy, aggression, expansion, and intellectual pursuits.  The soul craves memories and reflection, art and music, while the spirit deals with business, science, technology and the future.  What is the commonality, you ask?  Spirit requires the passion of the soul in order to succeed, and thus spirit always attempts to blend with the soul. 

The merging of though (spirit) and feeling (soul) brings a highly intuitive state, and a new level of empowerment.  Not necessarily the power to control the outer world, but rather the power to control our inner experiences and our reactions to the outer world.  

My Dreams of Gaia card for today is the King of Air.  Another Air card; is it nearly time to move on?  We shall see.  The keywords for this card are ethical, commanding, disciplined, expert, precise, forceful, rule-oriented and respectful.  The King of Air represents a fair yet stern leader who is educated, with vast knowledge at his disposal and wisdom learned from his every-day experiences.  He is imposing and a bit intimidating because he is formal, but because of his deep spiritual beliefs, he is also compassionate.  The King of Air believes that rules are made to be followed and he is not easily corrupted or lured into unethical behavior.  While he can be a bit rigid, his final judgment is fair and is delivered without the distraction of any emotions.  I need to decide if I am the King of Air today, and if I am, I need to make certain that I don’t engage in arguments unless they are productive.  If I am dealing with a King of Air, I need to choose my battles carefully, because I might be better off in the long run to accept the person as he or she is rather than attempting to change him or her to meet my needs. 

This is the very awareness that the Great Work is bringing to me this time!  I am trying hard to not infuse emotions or intentions into words spoken or written by others, and I am trying to not see actions as attacks.  I need to think about this King of Air, and apply what I learn from him both to my own words and deeds, and to the words and deeds of those with whom I interact.  Cool!

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