Friday, October 21, 2016

September 11, 2016: A Painful Anniversary

Today is a day that brings back horrible memories for most Americans and in fact, for many around the world.  I started the day in a very good mood, driving to work after a week’s vacation on Long Beach Island with friends.  The sky was clear and blue, the air was warm with little humidity, and I was relaxed.  Then I turned on the news.

By the time I had parked my car and turned off the radio an explanation had not yet been found for the plane that had hit the side of one ow the World Trade Towers, but just the short amount of time it took for me to get in the elevator and walk to my desk, the whole world changed.  By then, the other plane had hit.  This was not some weird accident, a pilot having a massive heart attack or something horrendous like that.  This was deliberate, an attack on America. 

It took quite some time for me to feel normal again.  For days, driving east presented me with the view of billowing clouds as the Pile burned.  For weeks, the television was filled with horrifying experiences, and with loved ones wandering, searching, hoping their husband or daughter or cousin was unconscious in the hospital.  Finally, hoping a body could be delivered.  Or a part of a body.  Heartache!

Over the past 15 years we have evolved through our grief, moving through disbelief to heartache, to anger and to revenge.  I am hoping that just perhaps, we can come to understand why this happened.  Perhaps not to forgive, but to understand.  I believe it is only through coming to this kind of peace that we as a country can move forward, move forward in a way that made the many deaths that happened 15 years ago worth something good.

My Dreams of Gaia card for today echoes this thought.  I threw the Six of Air reversed.  Again, a lush and beautiful image!  The keywords for the upright card are solutions, comparisons, compromise, open-mindedness, mindfulness, illumination, epiphany, and personal power.  The Six of Air tells of a solution that is reached through the creation of a compromise that lies somewhere between the extremes of black and white.  The card reminds me that while on the surface, an either/or choice may seem the only option available, there are always, always other resources that can be brought into play. Taking a rigid stance and refusing to hear the other side just might not be a productive plan.  My card is reversed, and the energies of this card may not be available.  That might mean my tendencies could be to **not** take into account the differences of others.  I need to remember that while I may be uncomfortable with the actions or beliefs of some around me, those actions and beliefs are created by their life experiences, and thus deserve some consideration. 

This really has a connection to my feelings and experiences regarding this day.  I do feel as if I have emerged from the darkness of heartache and I am attempting to find some compromise that will bring inner peace. 

Putting things back together in a new way. 


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