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August 30, 2016: Geburah, Chesed and Fire

I cannot believe that August is almost over; this summer flew by. 

The element of Fire has powerful energies.  There is not a particular sephira that corresponds with this element but to me, the pair of Gebura or Might and Chesed or Mercy make a nice correspondence.  After all, unless tempered with Mercy, Might can overcome all else, just as fire can consume all.  Perhaps a bit of comparison is in order.

Geburah (Might) is the fifth sephira on the Tree, the second on the Pillar of Form/Restriction, and also known as Judgment, and Fear.  The manifestations of this sephira can indeed be difficult, but they are not evil.  To some, an easy life is an ideal situation, but to Pagans, an easy life lacks opportunity for growth and evolution, and they are the purpose of living.  The effects of Geburah and just as necessary for balance and health as are those of Chesed.

Geburah also tells of the sacrifice that is necessary to keep the Wheel turning.  It tells of the sacrifice, the physical death, which releases energy back into the system.  This balance is absolutely necessary, for the serenity of Chesed occurs through the supportive workings of Geburah.

My correspondence list for Geburah is:

Magickal Image: Warrior in Chariot
Planetary: Mars
Vice: Cruelty, Wanton Destruction
Virtue: Energy, Courage
Deity: Warrior, Avenger
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Power
Briatic Correspondence: Power
Illusion: Invincibility
Obligation: Courage
Path: Path 5, the number of motion imposed on stability to test validity.

Chesed (Mercy) is the fourth sephira on the Tree, the second on the Pillar of Force/Expansion, and the first to represent actuality.  It is seen as the Hall of Masters and the Sphere of the Adepts, for it is within the energies of Chesed that the Ascended Masters or Ancient Ones reside.  Chesed brings to us the understanding of perfect love, for love cannot happen without understanding.

Chesed is a relatively pleasant or positive sephira, bringing expansion and growth and stabilization; its opposite, Geburah, is not always pleasant.  Yet there are times when the two change places, so we should not see only the pleasant experiences of Chesed as being preferred.

My correspondence list for Chesed is:

Magickal Image: Ruler on Throne
Planetary: Jupiter
Vice: Bigotry, Tyranny, Hypocrisy, Gluttony
Virtue: Obedience
Deity: Benevolent Ruler
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Love
Briatic Correspondence: Authority
Illusion: Self-Righteousness
Obligation: Humility
Path: Path 4, the number of depth and stability.

The Path that connects Gebura and Chesed is Path 19, one of the Paths that explore higher spirituality.  This Path is a horizontal one and it connects the Pillar of Form and the Pillar of Force, balancing the two.  Path 19 represents the balance between strength and severity, and affection and gentleness; it tells of enduring the tests and challenges that give us the strength and skill to wield Perfect Love and Trust.  The Tarot Major Arcana card that corresponds with this Path is Strength.  The Strength card is not about physical or muscular strength, instead it tells of the self-discipline necessary for balancing instincts and the dark side of our nature with the intellect and logic and analysis. 

The Wild Unknown Tarot Strength card shows the face of a lion with a large and fluffy mane (a sign of authority and dominance in male lions), as if he has just appeared from behind tall grasses and is ready to pounce on his prey, but instead of a growl, he carries a white rose in his mouth, not a sharp, pointy tooth to be seen.  This lion is strong, without a doubt, and patient and courageous; he is a leader who leads through applying what he’s learned in his life.  He is more than able to succeed as a predator, but instead he is controlling his instincts and choosing peace and serenity.  He even has the symbol for infinity, a lemniscate (similar meaning to the ouroboros), on his brow, telling us that the strength represented by this card is not dependent upon a strong body, but rather a strong Will, and thus it is eternal. Interestingly enough, the lemniscate also represents the circuit through which spirit can dissolve into matter, and matter can dissolve into spirit.

I can feel Venant, my fiery wyvern Watcher of the South, nodding. 

My Wild Unknown Tarot card for today is The Star.  The image on this Major Arcana card is simple: a rainbow colored five-pointed star, set in a dark sky sprinkled with other, less unusual yet still beautiful stars.  The colors on this Star are lovely and pure, and they make me feel as if this Star is an omen predicting the possibility of good things to come.  A silent omen, silent as the night sky, dark and velvety.  Subtle and silent, yet powerful still.  What message does this rainbow colored Star bring? It brings that first glimpse of hope.  Believe in beauty, The Star says as she glistens with the colors of a rainbow, believe in purity, believe in goodness.  And those are the things you shall receive.

I believe.


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