Sunday, October 2, 2016

August 29, 2016: Monarch Caterpillars!

My Wild Unknown Tarot card for today is the Seven of Swords.  The image on this one is perfect!  There are six various Swords that appear to be hanging on a wall above a fox, curled up asleep on top of a seventh Sword, the Sword the fox has chosen as his own.  His nose is tucked into his fluffy tail and he appears to be oblivious, but his ears are perked up and listening, and one eye is open.  This fox is guarding his Sword and will protect it and keep it, using cunning and subterfuge (the alert ears and the eye peeking out) as well as more obvious methods (actually draping his body over his chosen Sword).  He does not even look at those other Swords.  This is the one for him, and thus this is the one he is focused upon.

I finally found a monarch caterpillar on one of my milkweed plants!  This is the third year I have plants, and I did see a lot of butterflies laying eggs each year, but until now never saw a caterpillar.  I’m hoping to get some cocoons; wouldn’t it be exciting to watch one hatch??!!

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