Sunday, March 29, 2015

3/29/15 Transparent Oracle Sunday!

Transparent Oracle Sunday!  So the interesting thing is that despite a good shuffle, I threw the same cards as last Sunday.  Sooooo, I guess that message still applies.  I shuffled and threw three more cards,

16, Guide: Snake (South). South is the direction of the midday sun and the peak of power and illumination; this direction is associated with passionate drive and creativity.  Snake has powerful symbolism in our world; it is seen to represent many medical/healing modalities, and the Kundalini energy.  Snake corresponds with the dragon, and is seen as a mundane representation of that mythical beast.  Because Snake can shed its skin and appear renewed, it is associated with healing, fertility, regeneration and rebirth.  Snake can access places that would be out of reach for most of us, and so Snake can share both knowledge and wisdom.  However, the knowledge and wisdom owned and shared by Snake is neutral, and we need to be careful what we choose to do with what we learn.  Eve learned that lesson in the Garden of Eden.

1, Gateway: Spring (East).  East is the direction of the rising sun, and thus of new beginnings and fresh ideas, as well as knowledge, intellectual ideas and thoughts.  The Gateway of Spring brings us fresh new beginnings and the first blossoming of creativity.  There is an innocence about the energies of this Gateway, and an optimism, and perhaps these lovely energies will bring new insights, as well as new creativity.

49, Saturn (Above). The direction of Above takes us up and out of the four traditional elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and reminds us that we are but a small part of the Cosmos.  Above also reminds us that while the Machinery of the Universe is huge, it does have an effect on each of us, and each of us is an important part of the workings of that Machinery.  The planet Saturn is about structure and boundaries, and about constricting energies within a particular format, often involving time.

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  What a beautiful image!  Snakes are emanating from the Gateway of Spring, and everything is being kept under control by Saturn.  I actually like this because while the mandala is brimming with outward-moving energy, that energy is being shaped and formed.  Newness, regeneration and healing are all a part of the energies around me and within me, but so is the understanding that I always have an effect on my world, so I should choose the way I manifest each moment, with care.

My cards last week reminded me to control my emotions and feelings.  This week, I am being warned of the dangers of allowing lethargy to take hold.  Can’t wait to see what happens next week!


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