Sunday, March 1, 2015


Transparent Oracle Sunday!

32, Weather: Snow (North).  North is the direction of Earth, and thus of the physical or physically formed or manifested world, and of nurturing, health, finances and security, and the wisdom associated with living simply, being well-grounded, and being in touch with our physical body.  Snow has a magickal effect on the landscape and our surroundings; when snow falls, it covers everything and hides details as well as mutes sounds.  The mantle of white is made of countless tiny, unique crystals, and like a blanket, the covering of snow insulates and protects.

50, Polarity: White Dragon (Above). The direction of Above takes us up and out of the four traditional elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and reminds us that we are but a small part of the Cosmos.  Above also reminds us that while the Machinery of the Universe is huge, it does have an effect on each of us, and each of us is an important part of the workings of that Machinery.  The White Dragon represents masculine, dispassionate, celestial energies that come into us and into our world from “Above.”  If you see the solar system and the universe as being alive, and as being filled with the manifestations of the Sacred Essences that are the source of life and awareness, then these energies are very important.  We are the Microcosm, after all, and these energies are from the polar opposite, the Macrocosm . . . filled with information, knowledge and wisdom.

62, Dream (Within).  Within is the direction of the Self, and thus the cards associated with this direction deal with the ways our Self connects to the world and perceives the world, and the Self.  This direction is mostly abstract, and yet is our bridge to the Universe around us.  Dream is the language of the unconscious mind; our unconscious mind is constantly absorbing and interpreting information, and since Dream has no physical world limits, it can interpret that information without being bound by any limits. Thus we can see the past and the future, and talk to those who are not now (or maybe never were) of the physical world.

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  I love the image on this one!  Dream appears to be manifesting Snow, and the White Dragon is drawing the focus upward and Above.  This soooooo makes sense to me!  I did a deep meditation yesterday, going to Danu’s Well and then the Ancient Altar.  My Guides came to me, and I had my whole “Team” with me.  I set an intention, my Team agreed to support me, and I was told that I need to strive to take the next step up the spiritual ladder, and make use of what I have learned in a new and deeper way.  This will be accomplished by perceiving the world and this life in new ways.  Okay, then!!

My wrist is feeling better today.  I just might attempt a bit of Yoga, just to see how healed I am.  I can definitely do my Yin practice, but I miss my Sun Salutatons.  Can’t do them without putting pressure on my wrist, but we shall see!  Luckily, it was my wrist that was injured and not may ankle, because I am busy getting rid of my usual “winter padding” by imposing aerobic discipline.  I’m back to walking every day, and already I can feel the sludge clearing out of my subtle body. 


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