Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Transparent Oracle Sunday! 

65, Voice (Within). Within is the direction of the Self, and thus the cards associated with this direction deal with the ways our Self connects to the world and perceives the world, and the Self.  This direction is mostly abstract, and yet is our bridge to the Universe around us.  The Voice is used for communication, but it is also a tool for expression and for manifestation.  It is about an outward flow of knowledge, wisdom, information or energy, effected through the workings of the throat chakra, but supported by the solar plexus chakra.

25, Landscape: Ocean (West). West is the direction of Water, and thus, of feelings and emotions, relationships of all kinds, cleansing and healing, the wisdom associated with natural endings, and the bubbling up of pure joy.  Oceans are huge and magnificent; they are considered the cradle of life.  They can be calm as glass, but beneath that smooth flat surface lurk powerful predators.  They can be rough and deadly, yet if we travel down a short distance, all is quiet and silent.  The Ocean card is about death and life, about destruction and creation; and amidst the chaos, healing and purification.

63, Touch (and Taste) (Within). Our senses connect us to the physical world, and the sense of Touch is the most solid and least deceptive sense; touch is the method we use to find our way around and to dispel illusion.  Taste is a part of Touch, for it is by bringing things into contact with our tongues that we Taste them.  Contact is the key here, and connection; they can be pleasant or violent.

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  Interesting!  The entire circle is surrounded by water; both Voice and Touch are not about seeing with the eyes, so neither set of faces are looking anywhere.  But there is interaction!  Communication and contact are important here, as well as hidden manifestations and their effects.  While all of these cards have an inner focus and effects that are not easily measured in the physical world, they certainly can each manifest, or act as a catalyst for manifestation.  Good or bad?  Depends on what I do with this awareness.

Thanksgiving is over, and I feel like I can’t even think about eating for a week.  I am getting back to reality, trying to clease away the overindulgences of a wonderful long weekend with friends.

Back to reality!


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