Saturday, February 8, 2014


Six of Wands/Death. The Six of Wands (Jupiter, expansiveness and growth, justice, fortune, in Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, noble, authoritative) in an upright position expresses the celebration we feel when we have passed some test or successfully met a challenge.  This card is about realizing that we’ve established our reputation with others, perhaps through an uncomfortable process. The Death card of the Major Arcana corresponds with Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts, and sensitive, imaginative energy that strives to stay the same or take the same course), Scorpio, Nun (fish head; liberation), and the Path between Tiphareth (the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify) and Netzach (the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration), and tells of natural change that cannot be stopped, and that usually involves the potential to step upward on the evolutionary ladder. Many people fear this card, but Death can be seen as representing natural change through alchemic putrefaction.  Death is actually a version of freedom, freedom that allows us to move upward on the ladder of evolution.  Both of these Llewellyn cards have a horse on them; horses represent movement or travel, progress or transition.  Both the Six of Wands and the Death card tell of movement or transition; cool.

My Thoth cards are the Two of Swords (“Peace”) and the Four of Disks (“Luxury”) reversed. The Two of Swords (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation) represents a time of not looking or of shutting out the world.  The serenity of this card happens because we choose to not receive or acknowledge as valid the information that comes to us from the outside, or maybe because we choose to not listen at all, whether the information is valid or not.  No matter the reason for it, this peace needs vigilance in order to be maintained. The Four of Disks (the Sun, the inner core of a person or situation or the deepest self, in Capricorn, “I build,” ambition, authority, caution, cunning) in an upright position tells of very solid foundations and an awareness of the value of our possessions.  Because the Four of Disks is reversed, the consolidation and gathering together of a foundation just isn’t going to work today.  Looks like I can attempt to achieve inner peace, but I had better not expect it to be permanent.

My Legacy card is the Six of Coins reversed, flavored by the Seven of Coins reversed. Well, there is a progression!  The Six of Coins (Moon, feelings and emotions, illusion, imagination, in Taurus, “I have,” Sensual, cautious, stubborn) brings an awareness of resources to the situation, both those that I have and those that I don’t have. Because my Six of Coins is reversed, I need to be aware that there may be strings attached to any “gifts” that appear today.  My Six of Coins is being flavored by the next card in the suit, the Seven of Coins.  The Seven of Coins (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, law and order, in Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn) in an upright position tells of pauses and choices and assessments within the physical world.  The pause and assessment of this card reminds us that blossoms need to fade in order for seeds to appear.  Timing is important to the energies of this card, and since it is reversed, I need to not only check things out carefully (for there is a potential for me to make a bad investment of some kind) but also I need to be patient without being lethargic.

My 6-digit date number is 5, the number that brings motion to stability in order to prevent stagnation.

My horoscopes: “Consider channeling your philosophical inspirations into some creative writing, Sagittarius. You’ll certainly enjoy this type of activity. Even if you haven't explored this before, there's no better day than today to give it a whirl. Why not start a journal if you haven't done so already? This will give your ideas a place to incubate, and it can become a starting point for further reflection. Or you could try your hand at poetry and fiction instead.

And: “Energy stored up inside of you is begging to be released, Nanci. Do your physical body and mental self a favor by going outside and getting some brisk cardiovascular exercise. You will find that you have a great deal of emotion to burn off, and today is the perfect day to do it. Take this opportunity to give your system the jump-start it needs to get on a healthy exercise track again.


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