Monday, August 29, 2016

July 29, 2016: Zephyrus

My beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot card for today is the Son of Swords.  The image on this card is an owl with a sword in its talons, point facing in the direction he is moving; the owl appears to be in a dive, rapidly flying from upper right to lower left.  My initial feeling upon looking at the image is that I am totally on the sidelines here, watching some intense event happening; this owl does not see me and in fact, does not even know I’m there.  The energy of the card seems quite focused, as if the owl was hurrying to bring the sword to someone, or maybe he is taking the sword to safety.  Whatever is happening, it is very urgent that the owl gets to wherever he is going, a matter of life and death if you will, and he knows this.  He is focused, focused to a narrow beam, almost like the laser sight on a gun.  I don’t sense anger or fear, just extreme urgency and powerful focus.  I’ve watched countless ospreys dive like this to catch a fish; if you look away at the wrong moment you miss the whole thing, but the power in those dives is incredible.  That is what I feel when looking at this card.

This sounds like the perfect day to talk about my Elemental Guide for Water, Zephyus.  Even though tradition sees Zephyrus as male, my Guide appears as female.  Zephyrus is known as the protector of flowers and plants because his gentle spring and summer breezes brought humidity for them.  Zephyrus was known as Favvonius (or Favorable) by the Romans.  Zephyrus appears to me as a middle-aged woman dressed in robes of blues and grays, with long dark brown hair, a stocky, well-used body and an average face.  When she smiles, she becomes beautiful in her own way.  She carries a clay chalice with a triple moon motif carved along the rim; the chalice is overflowing with water, which pools at her feet. 

She is gentle, yet strong; this makes sense.  After all, water is flowing and we cannot hold it for long within our cupped hands, yet water can erode away stone and rust iron.  Over time, water can wear down a mountain until only a hole in the ground remains. 

I am very excited: today I ordered The Dreams of Gaia Tarot from its creator.  Because she lives in Australia and is a one-person operation, I might not get the deck until well into September, but it will be worth the wait to get a deck personalized by the artist.  I’m looking forward to holding this deck in my hands, and plan on using it for my own growth.

It is appropriate that I take this step now, while working on alchemic Dissolution. 


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