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July 22, 2016: The Watcher of the West and Archangel Uriel

July 22, 2016:

I threw another Wild Unknown card: the Ten of Cups.  How is that for an indication that I am moving in the correct direction?  Here are my thoughts regarding this card: Harmony and joy personified!  The top five Cups each spill out an individual color, and the bottom five Cups each receive one stream of each color!  Everything can be found within the energies of this card: specific emotional purity as well as a balanced mix of all feelings.  By following one of the pure Cups downward we learn integration of a specific feeling into our lives, and by following one of the colors of the mixed Cups upward, we learn how to deal with and understand and honor one specific feeling.  There is a heck of a lot of power in this card!!

This Watcher of the West has not been revealed yet, but I will continue to explore this direction.  Here is what I’ve found out about this Watcher: 

Antares (“holds against Ares (Mars),” and “the heart of the Scorpion”), Persian name Satevis, Sataveaesa or Sadwes (also associated with Crux, and the stars of Musca Australis), reaches dominance at the Fall Equinox, and thus it is associated with sunset, the cardinal direction of West, and the season of Fall.  It is found in the constellation Scorpio; it is associated with Archangel Uriel, and adventure, obstinacy, stubbornness and violence, as well as injuries to eyes and sudden loss.  This star can also indicate trouble dealing with emotions because they are easily triggered.

Archangel Uriel has communicated with me in the past.  Uriel is the Angel of wisdom who shines light into the darkness of confusion.  Like The High Priestess of the Tarot, Archangel Uriel is usually depicted holding a book or a scroll in one hand, and a flame (representing Divine Truth) in the other hand.  It was Archangel Uriel who warned Noah of the Flood, and it was Archangel Uriel who checked the doorways of homes throughout Egypt for lambs blood on the night the plague striking the first-born is activated.  Legend has it that Archangel Uriel rescued John the Baptist when King Herod ordered the massacre of young boys when ye learned of the birth of Jesus. 

This all makes sense when I keep in mind that Watcher Satevis teaches us to focus on how we do things.  I need a willingness to keep trying, and I need a willingness to endure a few road blocks in the process.  In the end, this is a message that is similar to a personality trait of my sun sign, Sagittarius.  A Sag loves to try out new theories, and does not need much encouragement to do so.   What I have here is a double, a suggestion that I learn how to learn.  I also have an indication that I just might learn more from uncomfortable situations than I will from successes.  After all, Satevis is located in the Scorpion; how does a scorpion gets our attention?  It stings!

I am thinking that I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Watchers, but I’m wrong about that. 


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